Monday, November 11, 2013

Last Full Day on Pine Island!

Yesterday, Sunday, was a fun-filled last full day on Pine Island.  Ken went outside to check the tires and noticed the newly repaired one looked low!  So, he checked all the tire pressures and realized that it was 15 lbs. light.  He was hoping that they under inflated it when it was repaired.   It had Ken a little uneasy!

After cooking breakfast outdoors (it was 75 already) we went over to Sandy and Ed's park model to check it out.  They had asked us to stop by.  It is only about 1 1/2 years old and they have made it their "custom" home.  What a wonderful Florida residence for them.  Sandy is the activity director at the CG, so they live here from October to June, spending the other 4 months in New York living in an RV.  They are such wonderful people. 

We decided to take a walk around the CG and kept stopping to talk to friends.  We were thrilled to pass by Ed and Pat's Airstream and discover that they had just arrived a 1/2 hour earlier from Pittsburgh.  They had driven 1200 miles in 2 days and Ed is 82 years old!  Pat is probably close in age, but they have so much energy and enthusiasm for life.  I play tennis with Ed and he beats me most of the time.

Then we stopped to talk to Ernie and Noela from Canada.  Another nice visit.  We had planned to take a long walk on the island, but it was now past lunchtime.  So we stopped at Willie, ate lunch, and then decided to ride bike instead of walk.  We rode to the center of the island and stopped at Tropical Point, a very small beach and place to launch a kayak.  Then back to Willie after riding about 11 miles. 

Our new friends, Ernie and Noela!

What a great bike trail!

Gotta love the Palms!!!!

Never noticed this painted pole before!
A gal is painting a pole!!!

This one was new to us also.  Beautiful
horses heads!

This is the "big" beach at tropical point!

We played Upwords and Pinochle and Ken won both.  I just don't get it.  He must be cheating!  After the games, Ken checked the tire and it was fully inflated.  Thank goodness!  Did a little preparation for tomorrow's departure, but we were not in a hurry to leave in the morning.  We only had 70 miles of driving to our next destination - Venice! 

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