Monday, November 11, 2013

Left Pine Island and Drove to Venice!

After saying good-bye to all of our friends, we left Pine Island around 9:30.  Ed stopped by to check all the lugs on our tires to make sure they were tight.  What a guy!

The trip to Venice was uneventful, except we missed the turn into the CG and had to drive about 6 miles out of the way.  Oh well, we are now at one of our favorite places in FL - the Royal Coachman CG in Nokomis (right near Venice).  This CG can have some challenging sites to get into, but we got a large site with no trees making backing in relatively easy.  We set-up rather quickly but got hot - it was 86 degrees.  Quite a bit better than those cold temperatures in PA!  I suggested it was a good day to go out to lunch because we needed groceries and it was past lunch time.  I wanted to go to one of Ken's favorite places - Casey Key Fish House!  He loves their grouper sandwiches.  He thought it was a great idea!  What a joy to return to a place with great food and an incredible setting. 

What a setting!

After a delicious lunch, we headed to Wal-Mart to do the necessary grocery shopping.  Back to Willie by 4:15.  At 5 we decided to drive to Nokomis Beach to watch the sunset and I wanted to look for some shells.  Hadn't been on any beaches since arriving in Florida that had shells.  It was a beautiful evening on the beach and we were so excited - I got shells, Ken took gorgeous photos of the sunset, and he found sharks teeth.  Wow!!

Ken does such a wonderful job with his sunset photos!

Treasures at the end of the day!

Back to Willie to have salads for supper and watch The Voice.

Just a little side note!  My dad, Bill Althouse, was in an article either in the Sunday News or today's Lancaster Paper discussing his involvement in WWII.  They even included photos of him Now and Then.  Ken and I went on the Internet to read the article, and I was thrilled with the great job they did interviewing my father.  Larry had called me to ask if my dad would consider being interviewed, and then his next question was whether he was "capable" since he was 89.  I told him he was "sharp as a tack" and would do a good job.  I think they worked well together!  I am very proud of him and so thankful that of the 2 in his company that came back alive or without injury he was one of them. 

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  1. Wow Ken! What beautiful sunset pictures! Doloris