Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Last Day in Venice for this Adventure!

Ken and I were up by 7:30.  I prepped for breakfast while Ken did some prep work outside.  Then he cooked breakfast outside while I finished getting ready.  We work so well together!!!!!  After cleaning up, we decided to do some more things inside and out to get ready to head to Lazydays tomorrow morning! 

I packed up somethings and sorted thru our clothes to decided what goes home and what gets transferred to Waldo.  We are starting to get abit "anxious" about everything that will be happening tomorrow.   It is somewhat out of our comfort zone!  Believe it or not, we have never rented a car or had a taxi ride!  Are we "sheltered" or what?????  So, it should be an interesting adventure!

Around 11, we loaded the bikes on Diesel and drove to Nokomis Beach.  We spent about 1 1/2 hours reading on the beach and then got on our bikes and took the beautiful bike ride on Casey Key Road.  The houses and landscaping in that area, plus the view of the Gulf are just breathtaking!  We ended our ride at the Casey Key Fish House where Ken enjoyed blackened fish tacos with rice and black beans.  Since I am not a fish eater, I enjoyed their hamburger!  Then we rode bike back to Nokomis Beach and took a walk along the water.  Back to Willie by 3:30. 

This is a bath house overlooking the Gulf.  It is owned
by folks who have a gorgeous, huge home across the
road and it is on their private beach area!

The landscaping along Casey Key Road is spectacular!
We couln't afford to pay the lawn service!

It's hard to see, but this is a Japanese Garden area
across from one of the large homes!

Ken is on the deck of the Casey Key Fish House!

The Happy Campers having lunch while on a
bike ride!

The bougenvillia is beautiful!

This is an unusual home along the way!

Can't beat the view from your bike!

Time for more packing and organization.  After showering, we took a walk to return books to the CG library and were so surprised to see our new Canadian friends, Ernie and Noela, that we had met at the Panhandle and then at Pine Island.  They came here today to stay for 4 nights and thought we would be here till Monday (that was our original plan, but leaving early because of buying Waldo!).  We are sad that we won't be here to spend time together.  The 4 of us started chatting in the parking lot near the library and 1 1/4 hours later we said our good-byes  for this trip, but plan to see each other in  Jan. and Feb.  We are so thankful our paths have crossed and look forward to seeing them again!

Back to Willie at 7:45 to eat some dinner and continue the packing.  Ken left to take the trash to the dumpster at 9:15 and guess who he met there?????   Ernie and Noela!!!  So we are leaving now to go to their camper for a glass of wine!!

It is 11:45 and we just returned from our evening sitting outside at Ernie and Noela's wining and having a wonderful time "sharing life".  We are going to miss them very much.  They are a delightful couple!

Time to get to bed to prepare for tomorrow's big day!  It will be both exciting, probably abit challenging, but definitely eventful!

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