Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Nice Day in Venice!

It was predicted to be a somewhat rainy day, but it never happened.  Matter of fact, starting around 11 it was a very sunny, warm day. 

After making breakfast outside, we decided to take a walk around the CG - it was cloudy at that time.  I mentioned to Ken that I would like to go to a Bealls Outlet not far from the CG.  So, we packed our lunches and beach bag and headed to the Outlet.  While I was shopping, Ken went to The Rookery, a bird santuary not far away.  More birds there in the winter than this time of year.  I shopped about an hour, but bought nothing!  Wow!

On the way to Nokomis Beach I stopped at the Bead Shoppe and committed to taking another class tomorrow afternoon - it is supposed to rain. I am really looking forward to another jewelry class - Lynne has so much to teach me!

Then we headed to Nokomis Beach for the afternoon.  We did a lot of reading, plus walking the beach to look for shells.  Ken found a couple sharks teeth and I found a beautiful piece of weathered sea glass.

We were back to Willie by 4:45 and sat outside for "Happy Hour" and to play a game of pinochle.  Then we showered and changed and headed to my favorite "fine dining place" - Sonny's Barbeque.  We had delicious pulled pork sandwiches with a sweet potato or baked potato, plus huge drink with a free one to go - all for  $18.50 with tip!  Not bad!!!

Spending the rest of the evening on our computers and watching The Voice.

There has been some discussion among friends, family and Ken and I as to the name for our new motorhome.  Not sure why, but we always like to give them a name - we have had a Winnie and a Willie.  Our granddaughters  really want to know what we are going to call this one.  We debated between Wally, Willard, Wilbur, and finally found what we think is the perfect name - Waldo.  Where is Waldo now????  Pretty good, huh????

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