Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day Spent at the Campground!

What a good night's sleep after a short one the night before!  We were up by 7:45 and got ready for the day.  Decided we needed to stay around today and start to do somethings to prepare for our trip to Lazydays on Saturday morning.  We made breakfast outside and discussed our plans for the day.  It was supposed to rain a bit later in the day, so we decided to do some work inside and out.   We also did 4 loads of wash at the CG laundramat - I believe it was time! 

At 11:30 we decided to drive to Wal-Mart to return anti freeze we had bought for Willie (don't need it now!) and get some wine and liquor.  So nice that FL sells alcohol at grocery stores.  Wal-mart's selection is unbelievable - you can even buy craft beers by the bottle!  It was very hot and sunny by the time we returned - in the mid 80's. Ken cleaned out our truck cab while I dusted and vaccumed Willie. Then we rode bike to the beautiful pool here at the CG.  After about an hour, the clouds appeared, so we played a game of shuffleboard - Ken won AGAIN!

Spent some time chatting with our camping neighbors and asking them about their small Weber gas grill.  Our Coleman tailgating grill went to the trash today - only 1 burner worked and the other was so rusty as well as the stand.  Time for a new one!  Really enjoyed talking with this older couple from Canada!

Had a quick and easy supper and plan to spend the evening working on jewelry and on our computers.

Ken also had several chats with our salesman, Phil, to finalize plans on the rental car and everything that will be happening on Saturday.  Unfortunately, Saturday is Phil's day off.  We will have to pick up the rental car at the Tampa Airport (Lazydays is providing a taxi ride to that airport) and then we will have to return it to the Harrisburg Airport!  That is how the companies rent a car for 1 way travel!  Ken also had more discussion with our insurance agent at home.  Have not finalized our insurance for Waldo yet.  That will happen tomorrow.

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  1. How exciting. We hope everything goes as you want. I don't think I could buy it and leave it in Florida. I would not sleep a wink til we got back to Florida.