Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Gorgeous Day for a Long Bike Ride!

What a beautiful day on Pine Island!  It was 75 degrees when we left the CG in Diesel with our bikes loaded on the back at 9:15.  We had talked to our neighboring campers and their adult daughter before we left.  Their daughter asked if she could buy some of my jewelry, so I left my "inventory" with her to go through at her leisure! 

We parked Diesel at the community park in the center of the island and rode north to Bokeelia.  What a beautiful ride past so many palm tree farms.  We stopped at Raymary's Restaurant for breakfast.  We had breakfast there on several of our other trips to Pine Island.  The on to the pier at Bokeelia and to check out the Jug Creek Marina.  We enjoyed photographing more of the uniquely painted telephone poles.  When we returned to Diesel, after riding about 17 miles, we decided to continue riding west to the unique fishing village called Matlacha.  Really reminds you of Key West with all the shoppes and galleries that are painted with such vivid colors.  Also took a photo of Leona's office, a wildly painted small RV trailer.  Leona is the owner of Lovegrove Gallery and does some crazy painting.  That is where we renewed our wedding vows on Valentine's Day 4 years ago.  She and her husband live in a small house adjoining the gallery that is painted with large lime green polka dots.  His occupation shocked us - he is a biblical scholar.  I guess opposites do attract!  Till we got back to Diesel, we had ridden 25 miles.

Love these painted poles!

This "guy" was eating along the bike trail!

The palm tree groves are so gorgeous!

No wonder they have to support the palm trees when
they are 1st planted.  They have no roots!!!!!

Ah, they love each other!

Looks like little beach shacks!

These are hotel rooms on the water in Matlacha!

Aren't the colors wild?????

The shoe store in Matlacha!

This is Leona's office!

The main street (the only street) in Matlacha!

We were back to Willie by 3:45.  Ken beat me again playing Upwords.  I am getting tired of losing, even though the games are so close!  Then we had a surprise - the Canadian folks who camped behind us at Topsail were walking by and stopped to chat.  We had told them how much we enjoy Pine Island and they decided to check it out while we were here.  So good to see them again.

We can take more of this exceptional weather - lots of sun and in the mid 80's.  Not sure what we will do tomorrow, but I know it will be fun and exciting!  Looking forward to doing a local craft show on Saturday.

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  1. That's a long way to ride a bike..... Looks like a really nice place to stay. Love the paint job on the office. The poles are pretty cool to.