Friday, March 11, 2016

A Day of Fun Activities and Roseate Spoonbills!

Ken and were up by 6:45, had flax pancakes for breakfast, and got ready to play pickleball.  Chuck and Melissa picked us up at 8 and we drove to the pickleball courts about 10 minutes from the campground.

On our way to the courts several days ago, we had spotted some roseate spoonbills on a small body of water along the highway.  Ken was so excited to hopefully see them again and be able to stop and get pictures.  As we approached that area, 2 roseates were flying overhead and landed on that body of water.  Bingo!  Ken was so excited.  We parked at an office building and Ken was out of the car in a flash with his camera in hand!  When we got there, 5 roseate spoonbills were on the water as well as some herons and egrets.  Ken was one happy boy!!!!  He took so many pictures including one of the birds in flight.  They were there only there about 10 minutes, just long enough to fulfill one of Ken's bucket list items for this year's winter in Florida!  They really are such gorgeous and unusual birds.

Not much to say about these great pictures!  Just enjoy!

Their colors and unique flat beak are so unusual!

The roseate spoonbill and the egret took off together!

Then we were off to the pickleball courts and I don't think we ever played on such a windy day.  What a challenge, but still fun!  We played almost 2 hours.

From there we drove to the Red Barn to stock up on more fruits and veggies. The Plant City strawberries are so delicious and we got 2 quarts for $3.00. What a deal!

We were back to the CG by 11:45 and decided to meet at the shuffleboard courts at 4.  So, I had time to do more shopping.  I called Cindy and by 12:30 I picked her up and we drove to a different Bealls Outlet.  We rarely go shopping together when at home, so it is a special time for the 2 of us.  I'd say it was a successful trip!

We were back by 3:30 and at 4 the six of us met at the shuffleboard courts.  It was a lot of fun playing until about 5:30 when the no seeums started biting.  It was time to end the game playing.

John and Cindy don't look too pleased with their shots!

Chuck and Melissa are looking serious about their game!

Quite a nice setting for the shuffleboard courts!

After showering, Ken grilled salmon and chicken sausage while I sauteed some veggies.  At 7:30 the 6 of us got together in Waldo to play Wits and Wagers and John won both games.  One smart cookie!  Then the men won the Skip-Bo game, but they had many more Skip-Bo's than the ladies.  Enough said!  We had such a silly, fun evening, ending around 10.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Manatee Beach and then to "lupper" at Sweet Tomato.  The fun times continue!

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