Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Day! He Is Risen! Special Day With Family!

Ken and I were up by 7:15, did some reading, had a light breakfast, and were on our way to Lanie's by 8:45.  It was a cloudy, damp day, but fairly mild.

We arrived at Lanie's around 9:20 and it was so good to see all of them.  Samantha and Katelyn had made us a large banner to Welcome Us Home!  It was so cute, well done, and had lots of special details like our apartment number, a bike rack with bikes attached on the back of our car, and lots of rainbows and special wishes!  What a nice welcome!

It has our apartment number on the house and Sam drew the
car with our bikes on the back.  Amazingly, Sam, who is 7,
did all the lettering.  I thought for sure that Lanie had
done the "balloon lettering"!

Jamie's family came at 10 and it was such a great family day.  

Lanie, Mom, and Jamie

Katelyn loves her Uncle Dane!

Bob was in the Easter Spirit!

Before our Easter dinner, the adults hid eggs in the yard, each of the girls having a particular color of eggs to search for. 

Let the fun begin -

 No, Jamie!  You can not participate!!!!

 It looks like Cali is on a mission -

Sam is posing instead of hunting!

Watch it Bria!  Mommy is going to steal your candy while she is hugging you!

These four girls had a great time!

Miss Cali, the birthday girl!

Miss Katelyn!

Miss Samantha!

...and grown up Miss Bria!

Their bags and buckets are full!

PaPa asked for a silly pose and they did just that!!!
After the Easter egg hunt, it was time to empty the eggs and see the special treats - money, shopkins, and candy -

Note how each little one had a certain color of eggs to hunt for!

I think Cali is pleased with her "stash"!

Time to put the eggs back together for next year!
And then the good part - sampling!

Lanie and Bob had a delicious meal.  Bob grilled steaks and chicken...

and Lanie made oven roasted potatoes, fresh green beans, rolls and crab cakes. I provided the traditional potato stuffing.  Before the meal Lanie had some snacks including jumbo steamed shrimp. 

Jamie brought a birthday cake to celebrate Bob and Cali's Birthdays.  It was half white cake with vanilla icing and the other half chocolate with peanut butter icing.  What a treat!

The Birthday People - Bria 9, Bob ----, and Cali 7.

2 different flavors in one cake!

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Looks good enough to eat!  It was!!!
After cake eating, the girls played Kid's Charades, a game Cali got from Lanie's family for her birthday.  They were so cute acting out the words on the cards -

PaPa and I gave the girls small stuffed flamingos and mermaids from Florida and a few of their favorite shells we found on the beach.  Before Jamie's family left at 3 to go to Dane's parents I had a craft project for the girls - making lightning bugs out of plastic eggs and putting a tea light battery candle inside.  They were really cute, but because we needed to use glue guns, Lanie and I did most of the actual work.  They did pick out the colors and help cut the pipe cleaners for the legs and antennas.  

Making the "lightning bugs" out of eggs!

It was a fun project but needed adult supervision!

This is what I created for the girls for Easter instead
of a basket!

After Jamie's family left, Ken, Bob, Lanie and I played a game of Skip-Bo which the men won.  Then we played the marble game with Sam, and Katelyn sat on my lap and was my helper, moving the marbles for me.  Then Sam wanted to teach us how to play 4 corners in her bedroom, which we all did.  

Earlier in the afternoon, the girls and I got our "calendars together" and set-up some dates this summer for camping with the girls, family picnics, having a birthday dinner with my dad, etc.  So glad we will be around this summer to be a part of all these special activities!

We had salads for dinner and then Ken and I headed home around 6.  What a special day with our family.  Looking forward to lots of fun activities this summer!

I worked on this blog, downloaded photos, and watched some TV.  Ken read the Sunday News while watching TV too!

Bed around 10:00.  We have had such a busy schedule since we got home, but loving all of it!


  1. I love looking at your photos from your family celebrations....those girls arenso cute & growing so fast! Also, what a great idea for Easter jars - very pretty!

  2. I love looking at your photos from your family celebrations....those girls arenso cute & growing so fast! Also, what a great idea for Easter jars - very pretty!