Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just a Fun Day!

We were up by 6:30 to get ready for pickleball.  We cooked breakfast, cleaned up and picked up Chuck and Melissa at 8 and drove to a local high school to play pickleball.  A physical education class were on the courts and after debating what we should do, I went over and talked to the teachers.  They said they would be about 15 more minutes, but they would gladly move one set of students to a different court that wasn't lined for pickleball so we could play!  How nice!  Reminds me that I shouldn't be afraid to ask questions.

We played from 8:30 to around 10:00 and had some great games and long volleys.  All 4 of us just love the game!

We drove right back to the CG (about 10 minutes) and after taking Chuck and Melissa to their site, we headed to the laundry here at the CG.  We had 3 huge loads of wash, since we hadn't done the laundry for about 2 1/2 weeks.  After loading the washers, we went back to Waldo and I prepped veggies for sauteing later.  

I went back to the laundry to dry the clothes and Ken kept very busy at our campsite checking bills, etc. on line, rinsing our "treasures" from the beach, and just getting organized.  I returned 1 1/4 hours later and we worked together remaking the bed and putting everything away.

I did some work on the blog while Ken did some reading.  Ken grilled a chicken breast and a pork chop and we had some sauteed veggies.  After cleaning up, we got ready to go to Nokomis Beach.  

Chuck and Melissa picked us up at 2:30 and we were on our way to the beach to meet Ernie and Noela.  Again, it was a beautiful day with temperatures around 80 and a nice breeze.  

Saw this "guy" along the walkway to the beach!

After the 6 of us were set-up on the beach, I took a walk with the boys to the North Jetty, only getting back to our chairs around 4:45. 

The boys got ahead of me!

Probably because I kept stopping to look
 for shells and sharks teeth!

I guess many of the birds liked sitting at this location!

Looking out to the North Jetty!

The guys saw a dolphin while walking the jetty!

I got behind on the way back too.  I guess I have to keep moving!

By then the drum circle was in "full swing" with more people there than we have seen for a long time.  Many people were inside the circle hula hooping, belly dancing, doing some "unique dancing", etc.

The drum players are doing their thing!!

Some have been doing it a lot longer than others!

They are having a celebration complete with shrimp, veggies,
cheese, crackers, wine and beer.  They know how to celebrate
a sunset!

This belly dancer is often here when we come
to the drum circle.  

Some of us decided to sit and read (it had gotten abit chilly)
until it was closer to sunset!

There was a huge crowd on the beach!
And then it was time for the event of the evening - sunset!

People are lined up all along the surf to get pictures of the
setting sun!

It was a beautiful evening!

Looks like a geometric design!

Looks like a funnel cloud!

By 6:30 the sun had set and it was time to leave the beach.  We said our good-byes to Ernie and Noela (we will see them again tomorrow) and headed back to the CG.  We decided not to get together tonight since it was already 7:15.

Ken and I showered and watched The Voice.  I also downloaded photos and worked on the blog.  This was a fun day!

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