Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Warm Day at Southern Palms!

Ken did not sleep well last night, probably due to all the caffeinated iced tea and soda he had at Sonny's for dinner.  Needless to say, he was awake a lot and was up early.  I only got out of bed at 8 after doing my devotions in bed.

Ken made breakfast all by himself while I got ready - omelettes, lots of fresh fruit, chai and tea.  Delicious.

He got a call from Kevin and they had a nice, long conversation.  Ken always enjoys talking to him.  I did some clean-up inside including going through cupboards and drawers deciding what we can eliminate from Waldo.  We have toooooo much stuff!!!!

Chuck and Melissa arrived at the CG by 10:30 with a new a conditioner.  Boy, they were fortunate to have such fast service on that repair and installation. While they were setting up I continued going through things and packing a few things for home.

Around 11:30 we all went over to the Farmer's Market/Flea Market right across the road from our campsites. It is miniature Green Dragon with more "junk" than food, but it was fun to check it out.  We did get some delicious strawberries for $4.00 for 6 pints and they are from Plant City, Florida.

Don't they look delicious????

Good assortment of fruits and veggies!

There were great looking strawberries at many of the
produce stands and all so cheap!!!

We were back by 12:45 and it was time for lunch.  Chuck and Melissa have had about 4 nights of not sleeping well, and Ken has had 2, so they all took naps.  I made some wire bookmarks for our granddaughters and had fun doing it.

Ken did some reading when he got up and I worked on the computer recording expenses (Yuck!!) and the blog. At 3:30 the 4 of us starting playing shuffleboard here at the CG - men vs. women, of course!  The men won the 1st, the women the 2nd, and then it was back and forth on the last game with the women being victorious.  The games were long, points very close, and only ended around 6:30.  By that time we were all hungry and cool.  The sun had gone in, the winds picked up, and it was a bit chilly.

This is a serious competition!

What form!!!  Watch this move big boy!!!

What do you mean I should let you win????? You better
"up the annie" if you think I am going to go for that deal!!!

Ken grilled for dinner and we had salads.  Chuck and Melissa came over at 8 to play games. Men won Wild LCR, Pinochle, and Skip-Bo.  Thank goodness we won the shuffleboard match or it would have been a "Bust"!

They left at 10:10 with plans to meet around 10 AM to go to The Villages for a bike ride and a Mexican Lunch!

It's been another fun day!

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