Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our Last Full Day In Florida for these Snowbirds!

Ken and I had a good night's sleep - Ken up by 6:30 and I got out of bed around 7:15.  

We continued packing up items to take home and cleaning out the pantry.  Since Waldo is staying in Florida until the beginning of May, we have to take many things home, defrost the refrigerator, and put perishable items in a air tight bin in the shower until we return.  The hardest part is deciding what stays and what goes.  The car is certainly getting very full!!!!

We had omelettes for breakfast and continued the pack up process.  At 10:15 the 4 of us drove to the beautiful pickleball courts in Leesburg for our last time to play together for this trip.  Again, it was a fun time and the weather was perfect - only in the 60's with very little breeze.  It had actually gone down to 45 degrees during the early morning hours.  We played until 12:45 and then went to the same Subway where we had eaten on Sunday for another tasty lunch.

We were back to the CG by 2:00 and we disconnected the refrigerator and took the few items we will take with us over to Chuck and Melissa's frig to keep the items cold until tomorrow morning.  We also had a few things that we were happy to give to them - feels so much better than throwing them away.  But, we had done a great job of using most of the food.  The freezer only had 2 Cafe Steamers that will be our dinner tonight.  Not bad, huh??????

Ken pulled in the slides and then took Waldo off the boards so he could get them dried before putting them away.  It won't take us long to be on our way tomorrow morning.

At 3:45 the 4 of us walked over to the shuffleboard courts for 2 very close games, but the men were victorious in both.  It was 74/74 for several rounds, but the men eventually won.  

Back to our RV's by 5:45 to shower and loading everything in the car that could be loaded tonight!  At 6:45, the 4 of us drove to Lake Park in downtown Eustis to enjoy the walk along the lake. 

The walkway at the park is exceptional!

 We checked out all the water lilies, some with huge leaves and buds.

It is hard to imagine how large the leaves and flowers are on
these water lilies!

Also lots of cypress trees with "knees" which are used for beautiful wood carvings like santas, etc.

A cypress tree with its "knees" along its base!

There were numerous ducks and a stately bald eagle -

We really enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and what a gorgeous one it was.  Just enjoy Ken's photos  because they speak for themselves!

I did find the aqua and orange colors in the water amazing

Isn't this a beautiful picture????  Good job, Ken!

Then when we were leaving the park we got photos of the full moon. What a great way to end a day.

We did stop at McDonald's for an ice cream cone to celebrate our last night together. 

Thanks for sharing our time in Florida.  You always make
it special.  Looking forward to the next time we are together!
Blessings on you and your family!

Back to the CG by 8:30 and we played a game of Pinochle (W) and a short Skip-Bo (M).  To bed at 10:45 after a great day shared with our special friends.  

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