Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Beautiful Beach Day!

Ken and I got awake at 7 and did some reading in bed.  Ken prepped the fruit for breakfast while I made the eggs.  What a team!!!!

We cleaned up and finished getting organized for going to the beach.  Chuck and Melissa picked us up at 9 and we drove to Manatee Beach, about 30 minutes from the CG.  It was sunny, a bit breezy and in the 80's.  Lanie skypd us just as we got there so we had a nice time chatting with her and the girls. So good to see their smiling faces!  John and Cindy joined us around 10.  All of us went for walk at different times and did some chatting and reading.  It was a very relaxing time on the beach.

There was a large crowd on the beach today.  Some of it is
due to Spring Break!

Oh no!  That special green hat is approaching!

I had a nice time chatting with John, but I need to improve
my posture!!!

We all left at 2.  John and Cindy headed back to the CG since she only slept about 4 hours last night and needed a nap.  Also, she is singing at the karaoke show at the clubhouse tonight which starts at 6 and she wants to be ready in plenty of time.  The 4 of us went to Sweet Tomato to have a delicious lunch at their all you can eat salad bar.  It was so good!

We were back to the CG at 4:30 and Ken did some work on the computer while I sorted through our shells and put them in a new basket I recently purchased. We showered and changed to go up to the karaoke show to hear Cindy sing, "I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No" from the musical, Okalahoma!  Chuck and Melissa came to Waldo at 7 and walked with us to the clubhouse.  Cindy did such a good job and was so entertaining.

We left before the karaoke was finished and went to Waldo to play games.  The gals won Spades and Pinochle but the men were victorious at Skip-Bo again.  I really don't need to tell you why but I will - they had so many Skip-Bo's!  Not sure how that happens every time and it doesn't seem to matter who deals.

We called it a night around 10:45 (new time) and Ken and I headed to bed so I could write in my diary and we could read.  It was a very fun and relaxing day.

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