Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wow! Busy 2 Days!

There is so much to do when you have been away from home for 3 months!  After driving 600 miles a day for 2 days, we were very tired when we arrived on Thursday evening, and both Friday and Saturday have been extremely busy, but fun!

Friday morning Ken and I got up at 5:45 and left the apartment together at 6:40 so I could meet the "Curvettes" gals for breakfast.  Because we now only have one car, Ken dropped me off at the restaurant and then he went to Wal-Mart to get groceries.  Our refrigerator was bare and the cupboards weren't much better!  He came back to the restaurant and came in to visit with all the Curvettes.  It was so good to see all of them again and "catch up" on what has been going on while I was gone!  They are a very special group of friends!

Ken and I left there around 8:30 and stopped by Jamie's.  Because it was Good Friday, Bria and Cali were off school, Dane had off work, and the girls had a sleepover with each having one of their friends there to celebrate their birthdays.  Ken had brought donuts for everyone!  It was so great to see everyone and to get a tour of their brand new kitchen.  It is positively gorgeous and makes their house look so open and bright!  We got our mail from Jamie and headed back to the apartment.

It is a tradition for me to make potato filling for our holiday family meals.  The girls said they would gladly buy it for Easter since we had just gotten home.  But, it is a tradition and the very least I can do when they host all the holiday get togethers!  So, I cut up the onions and celery, cubed the bread, and peeled the potatoes.

At 11:15, we drove to Costco to get the remainder of our needed groceries.  Wow, was that place ever busy!  It was hard to find a place to park!  We took our time looking throughout the store and got back to Lititz around 1:15.

I started cooking everything for the stuffing while Ken "picked" the rotisserie chicken we had bought at Costco.  Then he made us salads for "lupper".  When the stuffing was completed and the dishes done, we sauteed onions and peppers  with the chicken to put on the top of our salads.  By then it was 3:45 and time to eat. 

By then we were tired and we both rested from about 5 to 6, getting up in time to get ready to go to 7:00pm church.  We decided to go Friday night instead of Sunday morning so the family could get together early on Easter.  After a great service, Jamie invited us back to their house along with Dan and Sue.  It was a fun evening.  We returned to our apartment at 10:30 and went right to bed!

Today, Saturday, was another busy one.  We were up by 7:30, did our devotions, ate a light breakfast, and then went for a walk around town.  It was only 34 degrees so a heavier coat, hat and gloves were a necessity for these folks!  

By the time we showered and got ready, it was 10:00 and time to leave to have lunch with my parents at Masonic Homes and then spend the afternoon playing cards.  We were all so happy to see each other!

We had a very good lunch in their dining hall (Ken had grilled scallops and shrimp) and then we went to the lounge on Mom's floor to play 3 games of Pinochle.  A winning day for the men - all 3 games.  But, we had a lot of fun and it was so wonderful to see my parents healthy and happy!  Mom's whole floor was renovated while we were gone and the improvements are amazing.  The rooms and hallways are so bright a cheery!  Everything in her room was redone including all new furniture.

We left there at 4:30 and I talked to Cindy.  They had left Florida for home yesterday around 1:00 and were within 1 hour of their home in Mt. Joy.  They made very good time.  They left Florida about 1 1/2 weeks before they had planned, because Cindy's daughter is due to have a baby very soon (about 1 or 2 weeks earlier then expected) and Cindy wanted to be here for the birth of her grandchild.

I still had some work to do on the granddaughters Easter gifts, so that is how I spent the rest of the evening.  Ken made us salads and chicken wraps for dinner while I worked on the Easter projects.  Things did not go as easily as planned and I got somewhat frustrated.  By 9:30 I was finished and had everything packed to go to Lanie's tomorrow morning.  She wants us there at 9:30, so I knew I had to get everything done this evening.

I worked on this blog and then headed to bed around 10:30.  It certainly has been a busy 48 hours, but wonderful to be with family again!

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