Sunday, March 6, 2016

We Saw Tim Tebow Live!!!!

I knew I would have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep last night because of the large diet coke I had at Sonny's with caffeine.  Not a good choice, but I was so thirsty!  As predicted I would have a very short night and it definitely happened!

We were awake at 6:30 and got ready to go to Bayside Church's Main Campus, about 15 minutes from our CG.  We picked up Chuck and Melissa at 8:10 for the 9:30 service.  Here is the reason we left so early - Tim Tebow was the guest speaker for part 3 of their series - My Best Worst Day Ever!  Tim said, "We were created in love, by love, and for love.  GOD doesn't waste your pain.  He has a plan and purpose for our lives for good works".  What a gifted speaker and such a strong Christian.  Fortunately, we got to see and hear him live and it was a joy just to listen to him and the inspiring message.  The 4 of us left there feeling so blessed.

Tim Tebow does so many wonderful things in God's name!

What an inspiration!

This church is so much liked LCBC that we attend back home.  They have one main campus and then 5 branch churches and the minister, who was terrific, speaks live at the main campus and then it is broadcast via satelite to the other ones. Their praise band was exceptional. 

It took a long time to get out of the parking lot, but who cares - we saw Tim Tebow!!!!  On the way back to the CG we drove to a local High School to check-out their pickleball courts.  We arrived at the CG around noon and Ken and I decided to grill 2 salmon burgers, a chicken burger, and a chicken sausage.   We made large salads for lunch and dinner.  We will eat the extra meat on tonight's salads.

At 1:30 Chuck and Melissa picked us up to go back to the high school to play pickleball.  What a fun time and there were some very close games with great volleys.  We played for 2 hours and then stopped at McDonald's so I could get my special treat at this time of year, a small shamrock shake with some chocolate syrup on the bottom.  Delicious! You have to try it!  Make sure you asked for the chocolate on the bottom, so it tastes like mint chocolate chip! Melissa had a small vanilla cone!

We were at the CG by 4:00 and all of us were feeling rather tired.  It was sunny and warm on the courts, about 78 degrees and we had played "hard".  I think most of us took a short or long nap depending who you talked to.  

We got together in Waldo at 7:11 (Ken picked the time) and we did some planning for our trip out west starting in late April.  We wanted to try to establish some kind of schedule of where we would be on certain days and for how long. Ken and I will leave from Tampa and Chuck and Chuck and Melissa from Nashville.  We will probably get together in Amarillo, Texas the 1st week of May and then begin our northwest trip, trying to see many of the National Parks.  We are planning to be back in PA the last week of July if all goes according to plan.  One never knows , but it will be exciting.  Sharing it with special friends makes it even more memorable and fun!

We finished making tentative plans by 8:30 and played Pinochle (W) and then Skip-Bo (M).  For some reason, Melissa and I rarely win Skip-Bo.  I have started to record how many Skip-Bos the men get per game compared to us.  Last night it was 5 for the women and 26 for the men - I think I have found the problem!!!

They left at 10 and Ken and I went right to bed.  It was a fun day and another day to Celebrate Life!

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