Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Good-bye to Venice and Hello to Bradenton!

Ken was up by 6:30 and reading in the LR.  I read in bed starting at 6:45.  We prepped for breakfast, cleaned up, Ken walked to the CG library to return some books he had borrowed.  He disconnected everything outside while I worked on yesterday's blog.  

By 10:15 the 4 of us were leaving the CG in a caravan.  We had decided not to tow our cars since we would only be going about 35 miles, most of it on Interstate 75.  I led the group and enjoyed talking to Doloris Martin during the drive via bluetooth.  They had returned on Saturday from a cruise out of Cape Kennedy with numerous members of her family.  They had great weather and a very good time.  It was so nice to talk to her.

We were on our sites at Winter Quarters Manatee by 11:15.  Unfortunately we are not very close together, but our sites are fine!  Just disappointing that we are quite a distance apart.  We got all set-up and then had lunch outside on the picnic table.  Chuck and Melissa stopped by just when we received a much welcomed phone call from Jamie.  Chuck and Melissa left so we could talk with Jamie and Ken's conversation lasted about 40 minutes. Their family is doing well and it was so great to talk to her.

I got a dermatology appointment scheduled for when we are home in April, left another message for the Urology office, and then put my 100 ft. of rope lights around the outside of Waldo.  We rode our bikes to Chuck and Melissa's site and then the 4 of us continued the ride to Tom Bennett County Park which is beside the CG.  You take the bridge over Interstate 75 and right there is the entrance to the park.  We took a 2 mile hike and then rode our bikes back to Chuck and Melissas.  

One of the lakes in the Park!

The Spanish moss on the trees was so pretty!

Cypress  Knees are coming out  of the ground and some people
used them to make beautiful carvings.  Obviously you need
permission to take them!

Is this the beginning of a pine cone on this white pine tree or
just a flower like thing that released pollen?????  Whatever, they
are very pretty!

Another lake in the park!

The 4 of us walked around the CG to the pool area and played a game of shuffleboard.  We had a close game until Chuck scored 31 points in one round.  What is that about?????  We took a tour of the clubhouse and pool area before walking back to their site to get our bikes and return to Waldo.  By then it was 5:30.

Not a bad setting for the shuffleboard courts!!!!!

Yes,Chuck scored a total of 31 points
for the men in this round!!!

I cut-up veggies so I could saute them while Ken made salmon and a pork chop on the grill.  By then the no seeums were so bad - they love to attack your scalp.  After a delicious dinner we both showered before going over to their site for game night.  We did some planning for the next several days and called Ernie and Noela to tell them of our plans and to ask if they wanted to join us.  We will be seeing them tomorrow and on Tuesday.  The girls won the only game we played tonight, Pinochle.  We had a silly, fun time.

We were back to Waldo by 10 and got ready to go to bed.  For some reason, I was tired today and am looking forward to a good night's sleep!

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  1. Looking forward to the shuffleboard, but not the no see-ums!! Those little buggers are sooo annoying!!