Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Good-Bye to Florida, the Eustis Area, and Our Special Friends, Chuck and Melissa!

Fortunately, Ken and I were up at 5:50.  I had set the alarm, but forgot to push the button to make the alarm go off.  Ken woke up at the time we had wanted to get out of bed - hallelujah!

We kept busy getting ready for a 7 AM departure.  By 6:50 we had the CRV in tow and went over to say our good-byes to Chuck and Melissa - a sad one!  This is the 1st time we have no set time when we will met up again and I don't like it!  So we did our hugs and good-byes and then Ken said a prayer while we held hands and shed some tears.  

By 7:00 we were on our way to Lazydays, about 100 miles south of the CG.  We arrived there at 9 (there was a detour we took because of a major accident on I-75.  Fortuntely we were able to meet with our service supervisor, Samantha, very quickly and we were on our way by 10.  I did take a few minutes to talk to our contact at Thousand Trails, Josh, who now works full-time at Lazydays making reservations and selling memberships for Thousand Trails.  He is a great person to contact if you want to do somethings with Thousand Trails.  You can call him at Lazydays and please let him know that you got his contact info from me.  I have appreciated everything he has done for Ken and I and many of our camping friends over the last 4 or 5 years.

As we were heading north on I-75, our phones warned us of another accident on that highway that would cause us a delay of about 1 1/2 hours.  The alternate route was 301, so we got off of I-75 and followed the advice of our phones.  We stopped about 3 time today for drinks, bathroom breaks and lunch arriving at a Comfort Inn at Exit 98, Santee in South Carolina.  A very nice hotel in a nice area.  We checked in at 6 PM after 11 hours of being on the road and driving around 600 miles.  Obviously, we were tired. 

During our travels today I talked to Nancy Savage and her father is not doing very well.  They are planning to head back to PA on Friday.  They actually started heading north today, but their truck developed some braking issues.  So they are staying at 3 Flags in Florida for 2 nights and Neil hopes to be able to repair the brake problem and have them back on the road by Friday.  We wish them the best.  

I also talked to my Mom and she and Dad are doing well.  Melissa called to check on us and they are driving all the way to Stone Mountain near Atlanta today.  Jamie called us while we were traveling to check on us and we had a nice long chat.  We are looking forward to seeing our families!

We had a special telephone call with Cali which began by us singing Happy  Birthday to her.  She was 7.  Then we just chatted with her and Bria.  They are a joy to talk to on the phone.

 At the recommendation of the gal at check-in we went to Pedro's, a very nice Mexican Restaurant very close to the hotel.  It was a delicious meal.

Back to the Comfort Inn by 8 and Ken watched the movie, "Enemy of the State" and I talked to Noela, Cindy, and Melissa.  I also downloaded photos and worked on this blog while sort of watching the movie.

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