Monday, March 7, 2016

A Gorgeous Beach Day!

Ken and I had a great egg breakfast, packed our lunches to take to the beach, cleaned up, and then went outside to drink our tea and chai.  It was a beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine, little breeze, and temperatures going to 78 degrees.  What a day to head to the beach!

We picked up Chuck and Melissa at 10:30 and drove about 1 hour to Manasota Beach!  I had talked to Cindy earlier this morning, and they were going to be there too!  We did have a slow down on I-75 so it took a bit longer to get there than we had thought.  

As soon as we got set-up, Ken and I took a walk down the beach (John went part of the way) but I tried not to look or stop too often to pick up sharks teeth or shells.  When you get further down the beach there are a lot less people and more teeth!  We had a fun time on our "search".  It is not so much about the find, but more about the search! You actually get rather addicted!!!!  We only got back to our chairs at 2:30 and we were hungry and thirsty!

We did some reading and some of the group took a nap, but we had a great time.  After a little more time looking for sharks teeth and just relaxing, we left the beach at 5:30.  Cindy and John were going to stay to watch the sunset! 

Thanks for this great picture, Melissa, when we were leaving
the beach.  Love it!!
We were back to the CG by 7, after stopping for gas and then at McDonald's so I could have another Shamrock Shake.  That can not be a daily treat!!!

We showered and then packed our lunches and snacks for tomorrow's adventure.  Then it was time to watch The Voice!  We had decided not to get together tonight to play games since we only got back at 7 and we wanted to prepare for tomorrow.

This was another fun day!

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