Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Perfect Weather Day for Manasota Beach!

Ken and I were up by 7, did some reading and Ken watched the morning news headlines!  We decided to do some prep work for leaving tomorrow, so Ken loaded the grils, chairs, and we folded up the large outside rug.  Can't believe we have been here an entire week.  Like usual, the time has flown!!!!

After getting ready, we packed our lunches for the beach and made an egg breakfast.  I did some clean-up inside, made some phone calls to schedule some Dr. appointments when we are home (ugh!!!), and then by 10 the 4 of us left for Manasota Beach.  It was a gorgeous sunny, warm day (about 78 degrees) with only a slight breeze - perfect!

We arrived at 10:30 and were soon joined by Ernie, Noela, Cindy, and John.  So nice to have such a large fun group on the beach.  Cindy is having some foot issues so she can't walk long distances and John stayed back with her so they could look for shark's teeth.  The rest of us left for a walk down the beach.  I tried so hard not to look for shell pieces or shark's teeth on the way to the area down the beach that is more deserted and where the guys had found lots of shark's teeth the last time we were there.  Unfortunately it is hard for me to stay focused on the destination and not the journey!  My back does not like me to keep bending over to pick up treasures!!!!  I did fairly well, but I surely wasn't perfect.  It is amazing how many more teeth you find in that part of the beach and so easily.  Ken found 2 large ones and Chuck found one too!  It was so much fun!

What a gorgeous day and so peaceful!

Makes you want to take a walk and just reflect on God's
beautiful creation!

Ken passed by this cross along
our beach walk.  I missed it
because I didn't walk as far, too busy
looking for teeth and shells!

So many beautiful herons!

Before we knew it, it was 1:45 and we were at least a mile from our chairs and had not eaten our lunches.  Everyone got back to our sitting area rather quickly, but I was about 20 minutes behind them.  I just have to keep looking as I walk! After all, I don't want to miss that very special one!!!!!

After lunch and chatting, some of us did some reading while others continued to walk or just look for more teeth.  By 5 we decided it was time to head back to the CG.  What a special day on the beach!

Many people on the beach, but certainly not crowded!

I thought we were all reading - well, maybe not!

Ernie and Noela sat long enough to eat their lunch, but
then they took off for another walk.

John walked down to the water to "retrieve" Cindy so they could
leave.  They were having guests for dinner!  She just had to find
1 more shark's tooth!

When we returned it was time to continue some preparation for tomorrow's departure.  I spent time rinsing all of our "findings"and putting more things away inside.  We both showered, had leftover pasta fagoli soup for dinner, cleaned up and then at 7:15 Chuck and Melissa joined us for game night.  All of us were rather tired from our beach adventure!

We played one game of pinochle and Skip-Bo and the men won both.  We were trying to be considerate.  They have to drive the motorhomes in the morning! Enough said!

We were in bed by 10:30.  It was another day to Celebrate Life!!!!

Life is Good!

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