Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fun Filled Day of Activity!

We both had a good night's sleep waking to the 6:45 alarm.  We did our readings and then got ready to go to Church.  We picked one in downtown Eustis that had a contemporary service at 9:30.  

After a cereal breakfast and cleaning up, the 4 of us were on our way to the church by 9:10.  When we arrived, about 10 minutes later, their were only about 6 people in the sanctuary.  By the time the service started there were about 60 worshipers, quite a difference from the last 2 weeks when we attended Bayside Church.  At Bayside, there were several thousand people in attendance.  We did enjoy the simple service and the message from their pastor.

The original part of the Church was very old!

The " band" is rehearsing before the service.

The woodwork in the Church was very pretty as well as
the stained glass windows!

Back to the CG to change and leave for the pickleball courts in Mt. Dora, about 7 miles from the CG.  When we arrived, a craft show was in full swing and the was no parking to be found unless you wanted to pay $10.00.  So, we decided to drive to Leesburg, about 35 minutes on the other side of the CG to Pear Park where they had put in 6 pickleball courts 1 year ago.  What a great park and the courts were fantastic!

It was a fun day to play because of the weather - no wind gusts and the temperature was in the 70's.  We played for 2 hours and it was some of the best pickleball we have played together.  Nice long volleys and some really good shots.  Can you tell I love the game??????

It was 2:15 when we finished, so we drove about 1 mile to a Subway for lunch. Tasted good after that workout!  We were back to the CG by 3:30 and decided to get together to play Bocce around 4:30.  Ken and Melissa took long naps, Chuck a short one, and I decided to clean out some drawers and cupboards.

We walked to the Bocce courts at 4:30 and it took until 6:30 to play 3 games. The women won the 1st and the men the 2nd and 3rd games.  The courts here in the CG are really nice and well maintained so playing is challenging and fun.

Slow down!

Chuck's needs to gain a little speed!

The men may have won, but we put on our "we are happy' for
you faces"!

Okay, Okay, Okay!  So you won the last game rather handily,
but what about the other ones?????

Back to our "homes" for a light dinner and the 4 of us watched "Passion" at the Gregorys.  We thought it was well done and the message was one that needed to be heard.  My only criticism was that I had difficulty understanding some of the lyrics to the songs, but the emotion was easily felt.

When it was over, we decided to play 1 game of Pinochle which the men easily won.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

This certainly was a great day!  Tomorrow we are treating Chuck and Melissa to a flax pancake breakfast and Chuck is rather nervous.  He is deciding if he should eat before coming to Waldo.  Be brave, Chuck, you might even like them!!!

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