Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Long Drive, But We Are Home!

Ken was awake at 4:30 and did his devotions in bed.  He woke me at 5:30 so we could "get on the road again".  We got ready and Ken loaded the car while I finished the process of trying to get it together!  He had a lot to load, because ever since Ernie and Noela had their truck stolen while spending the night in a hotel on their way to Florida, we don't leave anything in the car that is valuable or not replaceable.  

We ate breakfast at the hotel and were on our way by 6:40.  We knew we had a 600 mile drive today to get back to Lititz, about the same amount of miles we drove yesterday!  It would be a long day!

The drive really did go well.  We stopped for gas and drinks not too far into the drive and then stopped for lunch at a Wendy's.  I think we made about 4 stops throughout the day, but all of them were rather quick!  Traffic was reasonable today, not nearly as busy as we expected.  We debated about going all the way on I-95, but with the lighter traffic we decided to "give it a shot".  As we got to northern VA, traffic increased and the mapping app on our phone said we should take some alternate routes.  So we listened and took Route 15 to Carlisle and then the PA turnpike. 
We could tell it was a milder winter with the blossoming of
the beautiful ornamental pear trees!

They are gorgeous!

We got to our apartment at Lititz at 5:40, 11 hours after leaving Santee, SC and we were tired.  Ken did all the driving so I knew he was exhausted.  We could hardly believe it was 72 degrees.  Usually when we come home from Florida we are freezing and wearing our winter jackets.  Today Ken had shorts on and I had capris and sandals.  Just crazy!

Then the "fun" began - unloading the car and putting everything in its proper place.  And let me tell you, the car was packed!!!!  I don't think we could find room for 1 more thing!  So, it was quite a process!  By 7:30 we were finished and ready to call it a day.  We were hungry, but there was very little food to be found and we were too tired to go out.  So we had some peanuts and fruit - wow!

Cindy called to make sure we had gotten home safely.  I appreciated her call.

I worked on the blog while watching American Idol.  Ken spent time on his I-Pad.  

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