Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Manatee Beach Was Fun, But Foggy!

Ken had a bad night's sleep being awake for over 2 hours.  He is more than ready to get on a campsite where we don't hear all the traffic on I-75.  It really is loud and noisy all night long!

We packed our beach "stuff", a few snacks, cooked an egg breakfast, and then picked up Chuck and Melissa at 8:30 and headed towards Manatee Beach, about 50 minutes southwest.  We did make a quick stop at Home Depot, arriving at the beach at 9:45.  The drive was not foggy until we went over the bridge right at the beach. 

Ernie and Noela joined us at 10, having driven through some very dense fog. Chuck and Melissa chose to sit and read today, while Ernie, Noela, Ken and I decided to walk almost the entire time we were there.  It was my last chance during this time in Florida to search for shark teeth and I didn't want to miss my opportunity.  The sun came out for a few minutes, but most of the time we were there it was foggy and overcast.

A bit foggy wouldn't you say???

The blue heron is waiting for the fishermen to catch him a fish!

Ernie is holding whelk egg casings!

Whelk egg casings hanging from the trees.  Hard to imagine
the water was up that high!

Leaping Lizard!

We all left the beach at 1:15 and drove to Farlow's on the Beach for lunch, one of our favorite places to eat while in Florida.  Their food is exceptional and you get to eat outside - great combination!!!  We said our sad good-byes to Ernie and Noela hoping we will see them again before next January here in Florida. We have had a very good time sharing adventures with them.

The last time the 6 of us will be together during the snowbird
months of 2016 in Florida!!

We were back to the CG by 4 and Ken began organizing outside while I did the same inside for our departure to Eustis tomorrow.  Can't believe we will be heading back to PA in about 1 week.

John offered to take some things home for us in their motorhome since we aren't taking Waldo home, but leaving him at Lazydays.   We certainly appreciate it, for we have lots of things to take home in our CRV.

I talked to Polly and Doloris to let them know of our change of plans for our trip out west.  I also connected with Lanie and Jamie and they are very happy that we will be home for the summer, just as we are.  Looking forward to having more time with my parents and our daughters and their families!

We left Waldo at 7:20 and stopped by to get John and Cindy and go to Chuck and Melissa's to play 5 Crowns (M) and then Skip-Bo, which the women finally won!  It felt so good!

We finished game playing at 9:45 and said our goodbyes to John and Cindy. Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I are leaving around 9 tomorrow morning and driving about 3 hours to Southern Palms CG in Eustis.  Cindy and John will be driving about 13 miles to their next CG near Palmetto so they will only leave at 11.  It was so nice that the 6 of us could spend time together this past week.

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  1. You went to Manasota Beach, didn't you? If you went to Manatee you have been holding out on me about sharks teeth there :))