Saturday, March 5, 2016

Craft Show Today!

Ken and I were up at 6:30, did a little reading, made breakfast, cleaned up and were on our way to participate in the craft show at Mixon's Fruit Market about 15 minutes from our CG.  Cindy, my sister, had the stand beside us.  Who would have ever thought both of us would be crafters selling jewelry in Florida???

We were part of the Orange Blossom Fair

We only got there around 8:10 because we had done some preliminary set-up yesterday.  Cindy had gotten there at 7:45 and was busy getting ready since John was not feeling well and stayed at their CG about 45 minutes away.  We were all ready by 9, but it was a rather slow start.

We were fortunate to be located in an air-conditioned room that is used for meetings, parties, and wedding receptions.  Many of the standholders were in the plant area, which was not a very attractive place to display crafts and the lighting wasn't the best.  

A nice backdrop for my crafts!

This was the main plant area where you could sit to listen and
watch the entertainment.  This is where the majority of the
vendors had their stands.  Not nearly as nice as the area
we were assigned or as quiet!!!

Mixon's is quite a nice place with a gift shop that offers many unique gift items, a cafe that serves delicious food including orange ice cream, and gift boxes of fruit that they will send anywhere.  They offer an outdoor gazebo with a water fountain behind it and a pavilion nearby that you can reserve for weddings, parties, etc. They also have a tram that will take you on a tour of the plant and the surrounding grounds for $10.00.  Many craft shows are held here through out the year and entertainment is always provided for free.  Today they had numerous singing and instrumental groups, plus dancers and bands.  Not bad!!!!

This is the entrance to the Gift Shop!

The Gift Shop was rather crowded!

Nice gift boxes of fruit that can be shipped ..... 
....or buy it in bags to take with you!

The pretty gazebo area!

One of the groups that played throughout the day!

This drum line was very entertaining!

The show lasted till 5 (too long, since you never do many sales after about 2 or 3) and was fairly well attended.  It certainly wasn't a record day for Ken and I, but we did okay. Cindy on the other hand, had a very good day.  We were excited for her. When we were all cleaned up and loaded we stayed and helped Cindy.  We all left Mixon's around 5:20 - it was a long day! 

Ken and I headed back to the CG and unloaded the car and put things away.  After doing the dishes, we picked up Chuck and Melissa and headed to a nearby Sonny's for dinner - Yeah!!!  It was very full when we arrived and when the waitress came to get our orders she immediately told us they were out of pulled pork.  What kind of bar-b-que establishment is out of pulled pork on a Saturday night at 6:15???????  After we ordered, the waitress gave us the salad bar for free since they were "backed up" in the kitchen and it would take awhile to get our orders.  We appreciated that!  

We were back to Chuck and Melissa's by 7:45 and we played a different card game tonight - Rook.  Ken and I can't remember if or when we would have played the game and it is a relatively new one for Chuck and Melissa.  I thought it was a challenging one that took some strategy and found it a fun game.  The women won both games and we had such a fun and silly evening.

We talked about our plans for tomorrow and were back to Waldo by 10.  Looking forward to Church and then some pickleball.  Tim Tebow is speaking in person tomorrow at a large, non-denominational church near our CG so we are looking forward to going there to hear him.

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