Friday, March 18, 2016

Interesting Day at The Villages

After a good night's sleep, Ken and I were both up by 7:15 after doing some reading.  We had breakfast, cleaned up and had time to drink tea and chai outside and take a short walk around part of the CG.

We stopped in with Chuck and Melissa and discussed our plans for going to The Villages today.  We had thought we would leave around 10, but had talked about staying for the live music that starts at the town center at 5.  So, we decided that 11 would be a better time.  

The 4 of us arrived at the newest section of The Village, Brownwood, the western section.  Hard to imagine that this whole area was only started about 4 years ago.  They still have about 3,000 homes that can be built in Brownwood, but they anticipate it being completed in about 2 years, finishing the entire city of The Villages.  The Villages is considered a city with the finished population being about 110,000.  It is an amazing place with almost everything you need accessible by a golf cart.  There are 120+ pickleball courts, 630 holes of golf, and about any club or activity you can imagine.  There are many banks, health care facilities, including a retirement home, shoppes, eateries, grocery stores, etc.  It is a fascinating place. 

They spare no expense at the entrance to the different
sections in The Villages!

Ken thinks "he can take him down"!

After walking around the town square and checking out the movie theater, the shops, and the Golf Cart Shoppe and "gas station", we went to the sales office and met with Wes to learn more about The Villages!  The lowest priced housing starts at $179,000. to over 1.5 million.  The monthly fees are $145.00 for the amenities including everything except the fitness center and the pro golf courses.  All the standard 18 hole golf courses are free to play and $4.00 if you use a golf cart. Taxes are fairly reasonable also.  No wonder so many people have bought into this whole concept!

Just walking around the shoppes at the town square!

This is the marquee for the movie theater!
They stay with the western theme everywhere!

Your choice of golf carts is endless and you can even
customize your own!

You pick the color you want and they have it!

A special gas station for filling up your golf cart!

After leaving the info center, we rode our bikes 6 1/2 miles to Fiesta Grande for a great Mexican lunch on their outdoor patio.

I can't begin to comprehend the miles and miles of golf cart,
pedestrian, and bike riding trails that are shared throughout The Villages!
They are everywhere.....

and you even go through tunnels under the roadways!

But, you have to share with the golf carts.......

and there are sooooooo many of them.  Some of the
drivers are rather aggressive!

Plenty of gorgeous golf courses.

 We rode the 6 1/2 miles back, stopping at an Open House, but the model was way too big for us.  Then a very nice couple, Mike and Marilyn, who were sitting on their front porch, waved to us as we rode by.  When we passed them when leaving their courtyard area (which was the model homes that we were all interested in seeing), they invited us to tour their home.  How kind of them. The village courtyard model was so practical and charming and would be the style that would appeal to all of us. We really appreciated their willingness to show it to us.  We rode the 6 1/2 miles back to the Town Square and spent some time enjoying the live music.

They have live music every night at all 3 of the town squares
in The Villages. It draws quite a crowd!

Don't you just love the log cabin background for the entertainers!

We were back to the CG by 7:30 and by 8 we were at Chuck and Melissa's playing Rook, Spades, and Skip-Bo. The women won all 3 games - YES!!!

We were back to Waldo by 10, did some reading and writing, and then another special day endedat

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  1. Way to go ladies...obviously Melissa didn't deal Skip-O!