Monday, July 25, 2016

A Fun Time of Pickleball and Then to a Funeral!

Ken was up before me and did some reading.  I did some work on our blog when I 1st awoke and then we got ready to play pickleball.  It had rained rather heavily last evening, but only for a short time.  So, as Chuck and I could have predicted, Melissa and Ken met each other when Ken was on the way to the pickleball court to see if they were wet.  Melissa had already been there when they met and said they were dry.  Chuck and I never have to be worried about the details, for Ken and Melissa will always be 1 step ahead of us (maybe 2 or 3!).

We were at the courts by 8:45 and the 4 of us played a game before Denise and Holly arrived.  We all took turns playing.  Then at 9:30 Andy, Adam, and a younger son came and joined in the fun.  We really did have a good time.

Ken and I left at 10:15, gathered our dirty laundry and somethings we would need when we arrived at our apartment to take showers, do a load of wash, and get ready to go to Ed Williams funeral in Lancaster.  We were there by 1 and got to talk to Ed's family and numerous fellow realtors Ken used to work with.  Ed worked for a Title Company and often conducted closings for Ken.  He was a fantastic guy who touched so many lives with his strength, character, and strong Christian faith.  It was a very moving service through the messages and beautiful hymns.  Ed will be missed by many!

Back to our apartment to get the clean clothes and change.  We were back to the CG by 3:45 and after unloading the CRV we went to chat with Chuck and Melissa.  We did some additional planning for the rest of our time together, but we did allow some flexibility.  

We left their motorhome and had a chance to talk to Neil and Nancy - they had just returned after leaving the CG early this morning.  They are hopeful that their truck is repaired after having it checked out and the computer system "adjusted".  By 6:45 they were leaving the CG on their way to Indiana to have some repairs on their 5th wheel.  It was raining heavily when they left and they are hoping to drive about 2 hours tonight.  We wish them safe travels!

After dinner Ken and I went to Chuck and Melissa's to play games.  I think we were fortunate again this evening as the severe storms were north of us.  It did rain, but the winds were not very strong.  We had a fun evening playing many games - Skip-Bo (M), Pinochle (M), Spades (W), and 5 Crowns (to be continued).

We were back to Waldo by 10 in time to watch the beginning of the Democratic Convention.  I listened while finishing this blog.  It has been another best day!  

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