Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pickleball and Then Eating Our Way Across Lancaster County!

Ken and I were up before 7 and did some reading before eating a light breakfast outside.  We got ready for pickleball.  Chuck and Melissa stopped by and the 4 of us walked to the courts.  Already there were about 6 people there so it was a great morning of playing with many different folks which only helps to improve your game.  We had a lot of fun and played from 8:45 till 11:15.  Again, we were hot and getting tired.  

Back to Waldo to relax outside just a little before going to visit Eddie and Lori Paparo who are at the CG and members in our small life group at Church.  After a nice visit with them, we headed back to Waldo for showers, lunch, and clean-up.  

We walked to Chuck and Melissa's site and the 4 of us drove in their CRV to make some stops in Lancaster County.  1st stop was Kohl's at Lebanon for Melissa to pick up a red polka dotted sundress for her granddaughter Ruby's 2nd birthday in August plus a book about Clifford, The Big Red Dog and a stuffed Clifford to go with it.  She was beaming because of these purchases.  Next stop was Speedway for .69 cent any size sodas. Then on to Eli's Farm Market on Stumptown Road for the best soft pretzels in Lanc. Co.  Melissa was salivating by the time we arrived. 

We were loving Eli's soft pretzels.  Melissa was having
"a special moment"!  I think it almost brought tears!

From there we went to Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop for their incredible whoopie pies, again a favorite of Chuck and Melissa, especially the pumpkin ones.  We considered leaving there and heading back to Eli's for more warm pretzels, but we remained strong and drove to Costco, but we made a detour at the Visitor's Center across from Costco and the 4 of us shared a Mr. Stickie stickey bun. That was another exceptional treat. One of the best ones Ken and I have ever eaten. 

We divided this scrumptious stickey into 4, but all of us could
have had "more"!  It had just come out of the oven and was
warm and gooey!  The best!!!!

After Costco we were back to the CG around 5.  On the way we called Neil Savage and the 4 of us sang Happy Birthday to him.  They left their 5th wheel at the Redwood plant to have some work done so they are feeling "homeless", living in hotels while it is being repaired.  

Eddie and Lori stopped by to get the pretzels and whoopie pies they had asked us to buy for them while on our excursion.  Ken also made a call to Verizon and we will start a new program with them August 3 getting 16 gb of data per month for $90.00 and the data you do not use will roll over to the next month. Also, we will be able to make calls to Canada and Mexico free of charge.  Get ready, Ernie, Noela, Barry, and Deb for you will probably be hearing from us!

After all our treats today, none of us were very hungry for dinner, so fruit and salad were Ken and my choice.  We did some clean-up in Waldo and I did some work on the blog.  Chuck and Melissa were here from 7:15 to 10 and we had so much fun playing games.  The women won 5 Crowns and Pinochle, but the men continued their long winning streak playing Skip-Bo. 

This has been another very memorable day with Chuck and Melissa! 

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