Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chuck and Melissa Arrive Today - Hallelujah!!!!

Ken and I were actually in bed until 7:45, almost a record for Ken.  He must have been very tired!  We made flax pancakes with lots of delicious fresh fruit, cleaned up, and then John, Ken and I took a walk around the CG.  We will be so excited when Cindy's hip and foot are healed and she can join us for bike rides, walks, etc.  

After the walk, the 4 of us headed to the 18 hole mini golf course where we had so much fun on a rather challenging course.  Cindy was one sharp golfer and was the driving force in the women winning, AGAIN! 

We take golf seriously when we are trying to beat the boys!

I'm not sure, Cindy, but I think they
will notice if you surround the hole
so I make this in a hole in 1!

We were victorious again.  The men
have not won a game since we starting
our competition  here at Hershey!

They went to the pool and Ken and I returned to Waldo to shower and have lunch while waiting for Chuck and Melissa to arrive.  We were like little kids just waiting to see them again.  

After eating our lunch at the picnic table and doing some work on the computer, at 2:00 we saw Chuck and Melissa driving into the CG.  What a nice reunion. They actually are on the site that we moved from yesterday and it is very close to us.  Perfect location for the next 10 days.  Ken and I came back to Waldo so they could get set-up on their site.

Ken took somethings out of the back of the car so we would have room for chairs and extra "stuff" when the 4 of us ride together!  Ken took a nap outside while I did some reading.  At 4:15, Cindy, John, Melissa, Chuck, Ken and I drove to the Quentin Tavern to have an early dinner.  We ate outside, but it was well shaded and the food was delicious.

So good to be back with Melissa and Chuck!
This is a special group!

Cindy and John went back to the CG and they decided to head home tonight instead of tomorrow morning.  The 4 of us drove to the swim meet at Ephrata to watch Bria and Cali.  Melissa and Chuck had never been to a swim meet and we appreciated that they were willing to go with us.  The girls swam so well and we were so proud of them.  Bria has been trying this whole season to get under 20 seconds on her butterfly stroke so she could participate in Championships doing butterfly in 2 weeks.  A week ago her official time was 20.1 and she was determined to break 20 seconds this week, the last week she could qualify.  She did it tonight in 19.6 and we were all cheering and so excited for her.

Bria is preparing herself for the
upcoming Butterfly heat!  

Getting ready for the big race!

Bria did a great job and is now qualified to go to Championships
in Butterly!

Cali swam an amazing back stroke coming in 1st in her age group and would have set an Ephrata Swim Team record if she wouldn't have slowed down on the very last stroke. 

Concentrating on the upcoming race!

Competing in Backstroke!

I think I did well!

I can't believe I almost beat the Ephata Swim Team record!

And now it is time for Cali to swim

Ready, Set......

Go.  It was a great race for Cali!

We left the meet at 8:10 and drove to our apartment to get a few things we had forgotten and credit cards Melissa had the company send to our address.  While there Ken almost walked through the new screen door out to our deck, but Chuck and Melissa took the time to fix it.  Thanks y'all!

We only returned to the CG around 10:15 and decided to go our separate ways. It was a great day and we are so excited to be able to share this time with Chuck and Melissa.  We had not seen each other since mid March and when we get back together it's like we've never been apart.  We are so blessed to have such special friends and be able to share such wonderful memories of all of our adventures together.

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