Saturday, July 2, 2016

4th of July Celebration in Lititz Springs Park - 199 years and still going strong!

Saturday was another sunny, mild day with low humidity and only about 75 degrees.  

Ken and I left at 7:30 to walk to the park to place our blanket in the area for watching the fireworks this evening.  Then we walked to the local farmers market so Ken could get his favorite bread for toasting that is baked using King Arthur's flour, a mill we had visited last fall when we went to Vermont.

Back to the apartment to have breakfast on the deck (one of our favorite ways to begin a day) and then we did a few chores.  By 11:45 we walked back to the park with our chairs which we placed in a great spot near the bandshell for watching some musical groups and the Queen of the Candles Pageant that would start around 4:30.  

Back to the apartment for lunch.  At 4:15 we walked back to the park again in time to enjoy the Lititz Community Band that was excellent.  They are extremely talented and played such a good selection of music. 

The rather large Lititz Community 

This is just a small part of the
framework with the candles in place
going down the stream!

2 more musical groups followed them and then it was time for the Queen of the Candles Pageant.  It was the 199th year for the 4th of July Celebration and the 75th year for the crowning of a queen.  Ginny, an 82 year old sweet lady who lives in our apartment building, was the queen in 1950.  This year they invited all previous queens to come and be recognized  during the ceremony and Ginny was the oldest of the "court".  Our landlord, Joan, was the queen in 1954.  Wow, we are surrounded by royalty!!!

Here is our neighbor, Ginny!

Ginny is on the far left and beside her our landlord, Joan!
Joan's daughter is the lade in the 1st red dress.  She was
a queen too!

After the queen is crowned candles are lit in the stream that goes through the center of the park - 5,000 candles.  The framework that is put in place for this festivity is amazing!  It really is a unique 4th of July tradition.

Beginning to light the 1,000's of candles!

It really is beautiful!

We had such a fun day!!!

After that part, we moved to the area for watching the fireworks and of course, there was more entertainment by a disc jockey who was playing music for dancing while we all waited for the fireworks to begin.  It took us a long time to find our blanket with all the people who were already there.  Next time we have to make a mental note of where we placed it!  I think we were lucky to find it!!! The fireworks were set to music of all the famous singers who had died in the last year.  It was a well planned program and the fireworks were amazing!  

What can I say??? The fireworks were spectacular!!!

We walked back home arriving at the apartment around 11.  It was a busy, fun day!

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