Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Wonderful Day with Bria and Cali!

Ken was up early and the girls came to wake me (actually I was awake but not up) around 7.  While I got ready for the day, they played with the Legos and enjoyed watching the Shirley Temple movie, Curly Top.  

We had kept it a secret of what today's adventure would be, but after a lot of begging, we broke down and told them we were going to a miniature horse farm about 30 minutes from the apartment.  They were so excited!

After the traditional Grandma pancake breakfast with lots of fruit on the side, I made each of them a sea glass pendant using the piece they had chosen!  Then we all were in the office doing rubber stamping - they like to be creative!

We left a 11:15 for the Li'l Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm near Ronks, PA.  What a great place!  For $35.00 for all of us, Bria and Cali got to met the miniature horses.......

Cali loved the miniature horses...

...and so did Bria!

groom the horses (I braided one's mane),

Grooming time!  Gideon has that great smile and boy was
he patient!

get a ride on one of miniature horses....

On the way to the farm, the girls weren't so sure about
riding the horses....

......obviously they changed their minds!

and then the 4 of us got to ride on a cart pulled by 2 of the little horses.

Gideon took us back the lane to his uncle's farm!

Lancaster County certainly has a beautiful countryside!

Time to end the ride and feed the horses!

The "manager" of the miniature horses (at least he told us that was his title!) was Gideon, an 11 year old Amish boy. 

He was so adorable, personable and grown-up.  Ken enjoyed joking with him, but his sharp wit kept Ken on his toes!  He had a captivating smile and dimples and was a true and gentleman"!  After the cart ride, Gideon had them feed all the horses in the barn both grain and hay. 

As soon as the horses heard the grain bin open, they were
ready to eat!

All of that for only $35.00!  We already scheduled a week from Saturday with Gideon to do the same adventure with Samantha and Katelyn.

From there we took the girls to CiCi's for pizza and their special desserts before going to Oregon Dairy where they enjoy the playground and of course, some more delicious homemade ice cream. 

Picture time at Oregon Dairy!

Farmer Ken is all smiles when with his family!

Back at the apartment we played a game of Skip-Bo (the girls do so well and then Crazy 8's.  I think the girls overdozed on sugar today!  Oh well, that's what being with PaPa and Grandma is all about. At 5, we took the girls home and unfortunately they felt the need to share all that food information with their Mommy and we get in trouble!  Not really!  We just get the "hairy eyeball".

Ken and I went to Costco where we really needed to stock up on fruit, drinks, and meat.  We were both exhausted after putting all the groceries away and were in bed by 9:15.   

It was a very successful day of fun with Bria and Cali!

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