Sunday, July 3, 2016

An Althouse Family Picnic Day!

Ken and I had a light breakfast and then left for church.  Every July our church does a series called, "At the Movies".  We see excerpts from a recent movie and then the movie is paused every so often so our minister can associate scriptures and biblical truths to some of the things said and to themes throughout the movie.   It is an amazing series each year

We were back home by 10:45 which gave me just enough time to download and edit photos for this blog.   Ken added some fruit to the fruit tray we were taking to our family picnic and loaded the car.  We left at 11:45 and picked up my mother at Masonic Homes to go with us for the day!

My sister's son, TW and his wife, Arlena, purchased a new home in York the beginning of the year and were so excited that their backyard would be a great place to have an Althouse picnic.  My sister and her whole family were there as well as Ken and I and Lanie's family.  Jamie and Dane were at the beach, only getting home today, so they were not with us.

A great deck area for a picnic!

These 3 did great together!

My mother holding her youngest great grandchild, Jack, who
is 3 months old!

This is my sister, Cindy, with Jack, her youngest grandchild!

This is Jack's mommy and brother, Cooper!

We had such a fun day!  The Althouse family loves to play games and outdoor ones are some of our favorites.  The little ones loved swimming in the inflatable pool and just playing together.  We played Ladder Golf, Can Jam, Corn Hole and of course a family favorite, Kubb.  Bob, our son-in-law, is the King of Kubb. Every lunchtime at his work, 3 of them play Kubb and they have competed in 2 tournaments so far this year and won both.  Next Friday they leave to go to the National Kubb tournament in Wisconsin and hope to be victorious there.  

Game one - corn hole!

Women vs. the men in Kubb!  We lost!!!  Of course, we didn't
have the King, Bob!

Our daughter, Lanie, and her husband, Bob!

I think Cindy is getting some "pointers" from
Bob one how to play Kubb!

The little ones had a good time swimming!

After a delicious picnic meal, TW and Arlena provided sparklers for the little ones and then some impressive fireworks for all of us to enjoy!  It was a very special day and we were so happy that Mother decided to join us.  

TW, the grill master!

Plenty of table space for eating!

Cookie Time!

Do you think Samantha likes to pose????

I believe Katelyn does too!!!!

PaPa wanted them to do a silly pose!  I think they are a bit
too good at it!!!!

We drove her back to Masonic Homes and only arrived back in Lititz at 11. Another long but fun day!

A beautiful end to the day!

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