Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pickleball Morning and an Evening with Fred and Doloris!

Ken was up before me, again, and did some reading.  I did my reading while in bed.  We got ready for pickleball and ate our breakfast outside.  It was an off and on sunny morning with temperatures in the 70's early and about 80 at noon.

The 4 of us were on the courts around 8:30 and there were about 9 players today, so we got to play a lot more games.  We had so much fun.  Wade and Tiffany are lots of fun to play with and Dick, who is 80, is such a nice man.  He was so excited to have a chance to play the game, for he has had some health issues and been in areas where no one played.  He is a good player and we were happy to have met him.  Denise and Holly are often at this CG when we are here.  They live nearby and are in for 2 weeks and then home for 1.  So, we have played with them many times.  Ken, Chuck, Dick, and Wade played 5 games and after 4, had to have a tie breaker.  They had some great points with many volleys.

Dick and Wade vs. Denise and Tiffany!

Melissa and I......

against Chuck and Holly!

I don't think Holly was happy with her shot!!!!

The Happy Pickleball Players!  What fun!

The 4 of us returned to our campsites at noon, so it was a long pickleball morning.  We were glad for the lower temperature and only occasional sunshine. We ate lunch and I did some work on the computer.  After showers, we spent some time just relaxing.  Imagine that!!!!!  I talked to Doloris around 3:15 to decide where we wanted to have dinner.  We had hoped to eat at The Deck in Ephrata, but we had heavy rain off and on, so eating outside was not an option. Long story short, we decided to met at Dukes near Palmyra at 5:15.

By 4:00 Ken and I were ready so we texted Chuck and Melissa that if they were ready and wanted to play cards to come on down!  So we almost finished a game of Pinochle before leaving for dinner at 5.  The men had mentioned earlier that whoever was winning the game when we were ready to leave would be the winner. Melissa and I never agreed to that arrangement, but for some reason they claimed they won. 

As soon as Fred and Doloris arrived at Dukes they asked the "impartial judge", Fred, if he didn't agree that they were the winners of Pinochle.  Well, which team do you think Fred voted in favor of, the men or the women???  Dah!!!!!
So, all night long the men would confer with "the judge" for his interpretation of everything that happened!  What a hoot!!!!

We had a delicious meal at Dukes and their drinks were 1/2 price until 6.  What a deal.  The 6 of us were back to Waldo around 7:30 and the game playing began.  The men won Skip-Bo (of course) and 6 handed Hause, but the women were victorious playing 5 Crowns.  Doloris brought each of us a delicious whoopie pie that she had made. 

Can't help but smile when eating the delicious
whoopie pies Doloris brought for us!  Thanks!

We had such a fun evening.  The "party" ended at 11:15 and it was right to bed for Ken and I.  This was another day to celebrate!

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