Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday July 12 to 14

All of these days were extremely sunny, hot and humid with temperatures in the 90's each day. Oppressive!!

Tuesday we spent almost the entire day at home.  We took a long walk and I spent time making sea glass pendants and pictures.  Ken did some additional work on our west trip we are taking this fall.  After dinner we went to a swim meet to watch Bria and Cali swim.  They did very well.

Wednesday we took another long walk and then spent about 2 hours working together on the west trip like distance from one location to another, temperatures, and then choosing campgrounds.  It went well.  

The most exciting news of the day - Melissa called and they will join us at Hershey starting next Thursday and be there with us for 10 days.  We are so excited.  We haven't been together since mid March and we are missing them and the fun we always have together!

After lunch we went to Masonic Homes and spent the afternoon playing cards with my Mom and Dad.  It was a winning day for the women.  When we got home we spent another hour or so on our trip and narrowed down the CG's where we hope to stay.  After a light dinner, we drove to Lancaster to the historic Fulton Opera House to see the musical, "Footloose".  What an enjoyable evening.  The cast was excellent!  It was a good evening to stop for ice cream.

Thursday I went for a walk by myself and Ken left to have breakfast with his sister and brother.  They met to discuss the menus for an upcoming Hosler family picnic and who would bring what!  When he returned we went to Jamie's house to get haircuts.  It is so great to have a hairstylist in the family!  

After lunch, I went to Lancaster to do some clothes and craft shopping.   Also, the family is going to polo on Sunday and it is theme day.  Lanie, Jamie, and the little ladies decided we should do a Luau theme, so I bought a few decorations for the occasion.  Ken had taken a long walk while I was gone and then talked with Gary Palmer, a full-time RVer's we had met at a rally in Hershey in 2010. Gary and Leesa have spent a lot of time in the southwest and he was able to give us some helpful information regarding roads to travel, campgrounds to stay in, etc.  We really appreciated his willingness to share his knowledge with us.

That evening  there was another swim meet that we attended in support of Bria and Cali, plus their mom and dad.

Not an overly eventful 3 days, but we seemed to be busy!  We are enjoying this summer in Lancaster County and spending time with our family members.

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