Friday, July 15, 2016

Time to Bring Waldo Home!

Ken went for an early morning walk and returned when I was ready to go out the door to meet my Curvette ladies for breakfast.  As soon as I left the restaurant I headed home and picked up Ken so he could go to the same restaurant and have breakfast with his friend, Gary, while I went to Wal-Mat to get some groceries.  I picked him up at 9:45 and we did a few errands before returning home.  Then we drove to Manheim to get Waldo and bring him back to the apartment parking lot.  We will be camping for 2 weeks beginning on Monday.

I did several loads of wash and some ironing.  Ken packed some clothes for our camping trip and cleaned the gas grill.  Again, we spent numerous hours making reservations for our western trip and then e-mailed all the information to Ernie and Noela who will be joining us for the last 6 weeks of our trip.  Noela and I talked 2 different times in the late afternoon after we both had all the reservations completed and confirmed. We are all getting excited to share this adventure!

After dinner, we went to Terre Hill Days, a local community where they have a "carnival like" celebration for 3 or 4 days.  We went to hear the musical group, The Nomads.  They were entertaining and the best part was sharing the evening with our friends Fred, Doloris, Sam and Kathy.  So good to be together again and a perfect evening to spend outdoors!

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