Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Very Hot, Humid Day!

 Ken and I both got out of bed around 7:30.  Ken actually slept about 8 hours - Wow!  We got ready to play pickleball after eating a light breakfast outside.

Chuck and Melissa came to Waldo at 8:30 and we headed to the pickleball courts.  No one else showed up until around 9:30 so we were able to play together.  Then Andy and his son came and we took turns playing.  It was a lot of fun.  By 11:15 we were soaked, hot, and tired so we all sat in the shade at Waldo (there was a nice breeze) to discuss what we wanted to do today and tomorrow.    I needed to make a bean mixture that goes in the crockpot to take to 2 different picnics we have tomorrow.  So, we decided to get together at 3:54 (Ken's time) to go to church at LCBC and then drive to Mt. Gretna to enjoy dinner at The Hideaway and an ice cream treat at The Jigger Shoppe!  Sounds like a plan!

I got the sauce ready for my bean mixture while Ken showered and worked on the computer.  Then I showered when Ken cleaned up my mess in the kitchen - what a guy!  We ate lunch outside and I worked on my blog.  Then we both took short naps!

We got a phone call from Nancy Savage.  We looked out our window and they had pulled into the site right below Chuck and Melissa.  We were happy to see them again, but sad that they did not "get on the road" to Indiana today.  When they started the journey, they noticed that codes were appearing on the dash of their truck.  They had just had that issue addressed and "fixed" (or so they thought) last week, so it was very frustrating to have it happen again.  They are hoping to have it repaired 1st thing Monday, but not sure what will happen.  We feel badly for them!

Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I left to go to the Manheim campus of LCBC for the final sermon based on At the Movies.  This week's feature was Inside Out, a Disney film about emotions, and again, the church did  great job of tying the movie to Biblical truths.  We all enjoyed it.

We went to The Hideway for dinner and were surprised what a nice evening it was to sit on the deck to eat.  We enjoyed the food and the setting.  Ken really loved his Black and Blue Salad which was blackened shrimp on greens with blue cheese.  He said it was a Flavor Explosion!

We decided we were too "full" to go to the Jigger Shoppe, but we did have enough "room" for a small ice cream treat from Twin Kiss in Colebooke.    We got back to the CG at 8:45 and they came to Waldo where we played 1 game of Pinochle and Up the River.  The women won both games.  Go, ladies!!!!!

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