Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tuesday was Relaxing and Wednesday Rather Busy!

Tuesday morning, Ken and I took a walk but he did the loop 2X's and got his 10,000 steps.  My back has been bothering me, so 5,000 was plenty!  It was already very hot and humid at 8:30 and temperatures got to near 90 degrees.

Ken enjoyed lunch with his nephew, Greg, and I spent most of the afternoon making shell pendants.  When Ken returned he put in a lot of effort again working on itinerary for our west trip in the fall. You have to consider and investigate temperatures, elevations, roadways, etc.  We then e-mailed the plan to Ernie and Noela for their input since they will be joining us for last 6 weeks or so.

I talked to my sister and we are hoping to do some camping together at Hershey maybe in July and August.

We spent the evening relaxing and watching America's Got Talent. 

Wednesday was another very hot, sunny and humid day with temperatures in the lower 90's.  We went for a walk right after breakfast and got 8,500 steps, but it was hot!!!!

We did some reorganizing in the office and "meshed" our calendars!  After lunch, we went to see my parents and played 3 games of Pinochle - the women won all of them!!  

We picked up Bria and Cali for a sleepover and stopped at Fox Meadow Creamery for delicious homemade ice cream.  Then we drove to a large field near the Lancaster Airport (not far from our apartment) where a gentleman planted the entire field with flowers this year instead of crops.  He wanted to attract bees.  There were probably 15 other cars there enjoying the beauty of all the colorful flowers - amazing!  All of us really loved it!

Bria and Cali loved all the different types of flowers!

A fun thing to do with our granddaughters!

Back to the apartment to watch America's Got Talent while the girls played with Barbie Legos.  It is fun to observe their interaction!

We were all in bed by 9:15.

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