Monday, July 18, 2016

Arrival at Hershey Preserve for the Next 2 Weeks!

We woke to another brutal weather day - temperatures in the 90's with lots of sunshine and high humidity!  Ken made numerous trips to Waldo loading some clothes, food, electronics, etc.  I made breakfast after helping him pack what needed to go to Waldo.

We always like the apartment to look good when we return from a camping adventure, so Ken vacuumed while I dusted, scoured the bath, and washed the floors.  We were finished by 9:45 and by 10 left for the 35 minute drive to Hershey.  I followed Ken in the CRV.

We were able to get a very nice site on the hill (same site we had when we were here with Chuck and Melissa last summer) and spent time setting up.  As usual, Ken is busy outside while I work inside.  He spent time washing the windshield and the front of Waldo.

We stopped to have lunch inside (it is so hot outside!) and Cindy and John stopped by.  She had been to physical therapy for her foot this morning and to her thumb surgeon to get those stitches out.  I certainly hope she is finished with surgeries for a long time.  She has had enough!!!!  We had a nice visit and plan to meet at the pool a little later.

Ken decided to spend his time washing the rest of Waldo.  He really did need a "bath"!  He was so dusty and dirty from our trip at Sea Pines in Avalon, NJ.  I went to the pool from 3:15 to 5.  Cindy and John thought they would go too, but because the weather was a bit "iffy", they didn't join me.  I did meet a nice couple from Buffalo and we had an enjoyable chat.

Ken left at 6 for his CR meeting and dinner at the church.  I enjoyed a large salad with leftovers from our kabobs.  Cindy called and asked if we wanted to play cards.  I said I would be happy to play but Ken wasn't available.  So I went to their campsite and we played Up the River outside.  It was a nice evening to be outdoors!  Then we played 5 Crowns in Harvey when it got dark.  Ken stopped by around 9:30 and by 10:15 we were back at Waldo.

It was a busy day and we are looking forward to some relaxing ones while here.
Hopefully we will play pickleball in the morning if it isn't too hot!  So much for relaxing!!!!

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  1. Enjoy your time at Hershey! Wishing I was on the hill with you!