Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Fun Day with Samantha and Katelyn!

After devotions and breakfast, Ken and I left at 9:30 to pick-up Samantha and Katelyn for a fun filled day and a sleepover!  We visited with Lanie and Bob before leaving their house around 11:00 to take Samantha and Katelyn to the Miniature Pony farm where we had taken Bria and Cali about a week ago.  It seemed like it took us forever to get there, but the girls were extremely patient!

Gideon was waiting for us when we arrived (we were about 10 minutes late because of heavy traffic in the tourist area of Lancaster County).  The girls had a great time with the miniature horses and Gideon. 

First meeting the miniature horses -

Gideon allowed them to choose the ones they wanted to groom!

They enjoyed watching Sunshine with her new son, Shadow, that was
born in April.  Shadow was sold and will be leaving the farm
in about 2 weeks.  They only want one stud on their farm so
they won't be wild and fighting! 

Petting baby Shadow!

then groom the horses and braid their tails and manes....

After grooming this one, Samantha braided part of her tail
Somehow we don't have a picture of her masterpiece!

I got to braid this horse's mane!

This horse is one of the 2 that will pull the cart!

take a cart ride to a neighboring farm...

Time for the cart ride with Master Gideon!

....and we're off!

get a saddle ride around the meadow...

Katelyn enjoyed her ride!

...and so did Samantha!

I think Gideon enjoys his job!

and now the horses are hungry....

Time to feed them some grain!

After the grain, they needed some hay!

The girls did a great job of taking turns!

Sunshine and baby Shadow!

A job well done!

and we ended by feeding the hungry goats and petting their dog....

Samantha and Katelyn thought the goats had a great playground!

Now the goats needed to be fed...
and the doggie petted!

It is an actual Amish Farm where they do furniture making instead of farming. They also have a gift shop where they sell baked items made by Gideon' mother and also handmade items.

An impressive woodworking shop!

Some beautiful shelves ad pieces of furniture at reasonable prices!

What a way to end the experience - queens on their thrones!

After spending about 1 1/2 hours there we took the girls to CiCi's, a pizza buffet eatery, for lunch.  Then on to their PaPa's favorite store, Costco.  They had never been there and they enjoyed it.  We were got to the apartment Samantha and Katelyn enjoyed playing and Sam made a sign to take to polo tomorrow. The girls helped me water the flowers I had planted in front of the apartment and then they decided to sweep all of the entrances and the walkways. 

Throughout the evening they watched the movie, Nemo and then we went to McDonalds for ice cream.  When we got back to the apartment it was bath time and then they finished watching the movie while eating some popcorn.  They were in bed by 8:45 but enjoyed talking and laughing since they were sharing a bed.  Eventually they fell asleep.  

What a fun day with Samantha and Katelyn.

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