Monday, May 29, 2017

A Fun Memorial Day with the Family!

Ken wanted to do some studying and reading for his Next Steps class, so I made breakfast for us while he was working in his office.  I cleaned up the kitchen and then cut-up all the condiments needed for hamburgs and hot dogs in preparation for our family picnic at Jamie's.  Her family only came back from a long weekend at the beach around 11 this morning, so they were busy getting ready for our arrival!

At 10:30, Ken and I left home to walk to downtown Lititz so I could get in my miles for today.  We forgot that they had a small Memorial Day Parade that went through the downtown area.  We stopped about 2/3 of the way through our walk to watch the parade.  We were amazed at how many people were there to watch it! 

We were back home by 11:30, showered and ate a light lunch before heading to Jamie's for our 1:00 picnic.  Lanie's family arrived at about the same time!

Unfortunately it was another cool, cloudy, damp day, but it did not rain so we were able to spend most of our time outside.  (Sweatshirts needed!).  The 4 gals decided they wanted to kayak on the creek that borders the back of Jamie and Dane's property in the 4 small kayaks they had bought last fall.  Samantha and Katelyn had never paddled on their own before today and it was rather frustrating to Katelyn at the beginning.  But, it didn't take her very long to conquer the technique of paddling.  The 4 of them had so much fun!

What a cute sight!

Samantha did a great job for her 1st time of paddling all
by herself.  Cali is a little pro!

Katelyn's 1st time too, and she did a great job! 
Hard to imagine that this is what you see from Jamie and
Dane's backyard and they live in town on 1 block from the
high school!

Cali looks relaxed on the water!

Bria wanted to test her balance!

Samantha looks pretty intense as she paddled!

I believe Katelyn is starting to really enjoy but she also needed
to rest after all that "learning" at the beginning!

Looks like Samantha and Cali are having a fun time playing
Kayak tag!  

We enjoyed watching!
Love these special young ladies!

Then it was time for some of the outdoor game competition to begin.  We started with some Kan Jam and then numerous games of Kubb.  The granddaughters enjoyed playing Kubb and did a good job. 

This is Jamie and Dane's backyard!  Not bad, huh?  Kubb
was a total family activity today!

Bob and his special team!

Our Team really struggled today!

Samson wanted to get in on the action!

Dane grilled hamburgs and hot dogs for dinner and we were able to eat outside. Following clean-up, it was time for some competitive games of Kan Jam.  It really is a fun game.  The picnic ended around 7 because the little ladies have school tomorrow and the parents did not want it to be a late night.

Dane grills onion slices under the cheese and it is so good!

I really enjoy playing Kan Jam!

Bria and Dane played together and Bria's shot went in the
front slot - an automatic win!

PawPaw saw so excited for her!

Dane and Bria were pretty excited too!
Relaxing between games!

Samson appreciated when Bob was watching instead of playing!

Ken and I watched the Stanley Cup game while doing some reading and I downloaded photos and worked on the blog.  

We are so blessed to share this weekend with such good friends and our special family.

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