Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lots of Different Things to Do at Home!

Ken and I were up by 7 in time to watch the World News!  Why do we do that?  It is depressing!  We cooked breakfast together and then sorted through the sea glass we had gathered yesterday.  Ken did devotions while I did a more detailed sort looking for pieces I could use for my pictures.

I did a load of wash and got all "gussied" up for the day.  Actually I just showered and dried my hair!  I finished the card I had started last night, but it is not very impressive!  Then I put on my SAS and we went for a walk.  It was a gorgeous morning.  I wore shorts and a sleeveless top and was warm!  Loved it!

Upon returning, Ken left to meet Rick, a member of our Life Group, at 10,000 Villages for lunch.  Rick had done research for us regarding a by-pass switch we wanted to have installed in the CRV for when we tow it with Wilbur.  Rick was a mechanic for the buses in Reading and was so graciously willing to do it for us.  After lunch, they went to where Wilbur is stored and put in the needed switch.  Then they hooked up the CRV to Wilbur to make sure all the electric, lights, etc. worked properly.  Yes, success!  We are so thankful to Rick for the great job he did for us!

Rick, that looks like a rather uncomfortable position for working,
not to mention a small space.  Wow, what a friend!
Rick also had some great news to share.  He and Joyce had listed their home on Friday and by last evening they had a signed contract for the purchase of it with settlement the end of June - Wow!  So, their dream of moving to Venice FL to the duplex they bought last Fall is now going to be a reality.  I am sure they will have plenty to do between now and then including a major garage sale!  Hopefully we will be able to help them with the process!  We are so happy for them, but sad that they will be moving away.  We enjoy spending time with them!  We will just have to spend more time together in Florida!

While Ken was gone I downloaded some photos and worked on some sea glass pictures.  It was a quiet afternoon.  Upon Ken's return around 4:30 we did some chatting about his afternoon and then we went for another walk.  I would like to start trying to walk 2 times a day for about 25 minutes.  Both of us have sore backs from all our bending on the beach looking for sea glass yesterday, but it went fairly well.

Ken grilled for dinner and after clean-up, I sanded some frames and then started painting them for my sea glass pictures.  We also watched The Voice. I picked 3 of the 4 artists who will be in the finals.  It will be a tough competition.  We were in bed by 9:15.

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