Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Very Nice Sunday!

Ken and I arrived at LCBC Church at 8:45.  Jamie and Dane were away for the weekend but Mimi and Pop Pop brought Bria and Cali to church.  Ken and I sat with out Life Group because Rick and Joyce came here today instead of the Berks Church Campus.  They will be moving to Florida permanently the end of June, so we won't have many more opportunities to sit with them on a Sunday.  
7 of us from our Life Group plus friends Frank and Barb had breakfast together at Evergreen.  Deb and Lloyd left early this morning for a 3 week stay in their house in Venice, FL.  We missed them.  

On our way home, Ken and I stopped at Polly's to measure the size of our bikes. We had asked our landlords if we would purchase a Rubbermaid type outdoor chest for our bikes if they would allow us to place it somewhere on the property. They came back saying they would consider purchasing 2 of the "sheds" and then charging a small monthly rental fee for their use.  Sounded great to us. We understand that they would like to control what is placed on the property especially when there are 8 apartments.  So, we have to do some measuring of the shed, bikes, and the place where they suggested they could be placed.  We plan on going to Costco tomorrow where we had seen the "sheds" to make sure they will work.

We were home by 1:15 and Ken "caught up" on e-mails, while I put ribbon on some of my seaglass pictures so they could be hung.  We changed and left at 2:30 for Bria and Cali's last field hockey game until it resumes again in the Fall. Fortunately it was warmer today and we had a fun time watching our improved hockey gals.

Bria warming up before the game!

Cali and Bria before the game!!

Bria is a scrappy player with such improved ball skills! 
Bria and Cali play on the same team......

.....that is coached by their mom, Jamie!

Cali is greatly improved too!

Coach Mommy does such a good job with her team!

Go, Cali!

We were back to the apartment by 4:30 and watched some of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game.  Wow, they won "big time"!  I grilled some onions and peppers between the 2nd and 3rd periods for wraps we planned to have for dinner.  Ken and I left around 5:45 and went for a walk.  Unfortunately, about 15 minutes before we left, I made some kind of wrong move/twist and got my back "upset", so the walk was rather tough.  When we got back I iced it and it got somewhat better.  We ate dinner watching the news and 60 Minutes!

I spent time working on this blog and also downloading photos.  It was a good day!  Off to bed around 9 so we could do some reading!

Just thought I would share the flower boxes on our balcony/deck railing at our apartment.  Don't you just love the beautiful quiet and interesting "wild west setting" we see when we sit outside!  We think we are so fortunate!

It is a small deck, but we love the view!

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