Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday - Good Days with Family!

Ken went for a long walk, even though he is still rather congested, while I got ready and made breakfast.  I iced my back and shin 2 times before lunch.  Both are still painful, especially 1st thing in the morning.  I think we are both "falling apart"!

I made several sea glass pictures and Ken went to Polly's to pick up our 2 folding tables and to discuss options in Lititz for volunteering!  She does a lot of work for Meals on Wheels and he wanted to talk to her about that!

Ken and I left at 10:45 to pick-up my mother.  The 3 of us went to Lancaster, stopping at Subway for lunch on the way to Regal Movie Theater for the 1:20 showing of "A Case for Christ"!  We had a great time together and really enjoyed the movie.  We were the only ones watching that particular movie and they have reclining chairs.  What a great way to watch the movie.  Mom was so grateful for the opportunity to spend time together and to see a movie, something she hadn't done for a long, long time.

After taking her back to Masonic Homes, Ken and I drove back to Lancaster and went to Costco - so much traffic.  We were back home by 6:15, put all our purchases in their proper place and then had leftovers for dinner.  Enjoyed The Voice before going to bed.  It was a special day!

Wednesday was another great one!  It was a bit cool and windy but we did experience off and on sunshine.  Ken left for his volunteer work at MCC around 8.  I spent the morning making myself a cooked breakfast and then some red beet eggs, before going through my finished jewelry to see what pendants needed earrings and vice versa.  I had fun making several new pendants.  Ken left his "job" at noon today because we wanted to go to Lanie's and a full day standing and bending has been a bit rough on his back and feet.

After lunch, I went to Michael's Crafts to get the backing board for my sea glass pictures and by 3 we were on our way to Lanie's.  Her family is leaving on Saturday for a week at Disney in Orlando, the 1st actual vacation that it is just the 4 of them.  Obviously, they are very excited, especially the 2 princesses! We had a great time at their house just visiting and then all of us playing games before we left at 7:45.  We had wanted to take them out for pizza, but Lanie chose to make fajitas.  We had a wonderful time!  It was another special day!

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