Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Sleep Over with Samantha ad Katelyn!

Ken and I were both up a little before 6.  I was at Evergreen with the Curvettes by 6:45 to have breakfast together.  We had a fun time and talked about planning another "field trip" to Linda's family cabin in the PA Grand Canyon.  We hope to do that in the fall!

After breakfast, I went to Green Dragon, a local farmers market, to get some sweet bologna for my dad that is made and then wood smoked by an Amish family.  I am a sweet bologna lover too and haven't had any for a long time, so I kept about 1/3 of it.  I am going to love it for lunch.  Then to Wal-Mart and another roadside market for groceries, especially fruits and veggies!

I was home by 9:45 and Ken was still on his 4 mile walk.  After my daily cup of chai and some time reading the newspaper, Ken was willing to go for another walk with me.  It went well.  Ken and I showered, ate lunch and by 1:00 we were on our way to Lanie's.  We stopped by her house to get Sam and Katelyn's clothing, stuffed toys, pillows, etc. that they were bringing to our house for a sleepover.  After our car was loaded, we went to their school for Katelyn's kindergarten concert.  It was so cute and the students did such a good job singing. 

Ready for the concert to start!

The 3 kindergarten classes at the Elementary School!

Time to whistle!

What a cutie, if I do say so myself!

We left the school with Sam and Katelyn and drove to our apartment.  Sam is really bothered by allergies and spent some time on Wed., Thurs, and Friday in the nurse's office complaining of a stomach ache and sore throat.  She did not have a fever and both Lanie and nurse think the symptoms are due to all the drainage from her sinuses.  So, we felt it was fine to take her with us!

The girls both love steak, so Ken grilled filets while I made them mac and cheese.  Ken had to do the dishes because I cut my thumb with a large serrated butcher knife while cutting his homemade rye bread.  It was fairly deep, but did not require stitches.

The 4 of us walked to Lititz Park so the girls could have fun on the playground. They had a great time feeding the ducks too! 

Stopped to take a photo on the way to the park!

This was their favorite things to do at the park - the zip line!
Katelyn thought she needed a little help!

That is a wobbling platform!

An action shot!!!!

We found some families of baby ducks when we were leaving
the park!

There were 3 different families!

From there we walked to a local ice cream shop.  On the way we passed 2 teenage girls who said hi to the girls and when they heard them say we were going for ice cream, they said they were lucky.  So, Ken invited them to join us. They couldn't believe he was serious, but once they realized he was, they agreed to join us.  They were 14 and 17 and both had some sad stories regarding their home life.  They have some definite challenges and seem to be rising above them.  They thanked us over and over for our kindness and told Samantha and Katelyn they were very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents - YES!  They also said they will pass on the kindness to someone else this summer.  

Enjoying ice cream with some new friends!

It was 8:30 when we got back to the apartment and time for Samantha and Katelyn to get ready for bed (the adults too!).  So after baths and tooth brushing, I spent time chatting with them when they were in bed.  They are such sweet little "ladies"!  Samantha seemed to be feeling well this evening, but the coughing and congestion started when she laid down.

At 12:30, Samantha woke me by tapping my shoulder and said the Katelyn was "in her space"!  When I checked Katelyn was on her side of the bed, but now Samantha was teary eyed and said she didn't feel well - sore throat and stomach ache and she missed her mommy!  So, I got her some medicine and Ken said he would sleep on the sofa and she could sleep with me.  I think Ken got the better par of that deal.  Samantha is one of the most restless sleepers. She moves all the time and kicking is part of the motion.  She also likes to be all over the bed, especially in my space.  Needless to say, she slept okay, but Grandma had a rough time.  I got very little sleep.  

Ken and I got up a little before 6 to start getting ready, but the girls were up before 6:30.  We all got ready and I made pancakes for the girls.  Samantha ate very little and said she had an upset stomach again.  We did leave around 7:15 to drive to Mt. Gretna (about 1/2 hour) to watch Dane do a triathlon.  It was a cool, cloudy and damp day and there were a few unexpected rain drops when we were parking the car.  We watched Dane swim in the lake and complete the bike ride, but we left before he finished the run.  By then it was only 53 degrees and we were all cold.  Also, we could tell by looking at Samantha that she was not feeling well.  So we left for home.  Dane was having great times when we left!

Can you find Dane in this picture?  Getting ready to get into
the very cold water!  

Finished the swim and heading to his bike!

This is his young fan club!  Yes, it was cool!

His bike run was done and now for the run!

.....and off he goes!

Samantha did rest for about 1/2 hour and then the 4 of us played Racko and the Marble Game.  We had a lot of fun.  We decided to let them play on my tablet and Ken's I-Pad since Samantha didn't have too much energy.  Ken took a 1/2 hour nap while I played 3 games of Connect Four with Katelyn.  At 5 years old, she is a great game player!

Lanie had planned to come here at 5 so we could all walk to the park and get pizza for dinner.  Bob had left for Ohio after work yesterday for a Kubb Tournament and wouldn't return until very late tonight.  Because of the lousy weather and Sam's not feeling well, I called her and suggested that I would drop Ken off at his Next Step class at 3 and drive them home.  She thought that sounded like a better idea.  So that is what we did and by 4:45, Ken and I were back at the apartment with no little ones!  I certainly wish Samantha would have felt better while they were here.  She was a "trooper" but we knew she was ready to go home and be with her mommy!  She was disappointed that we couldn't go to the park or have pizza.  We promised we will do that in the near future!

I was exhausted when we got home after only about 4 hours of sleep last night. So, I took a 1/2 hour nap and my sweet husband made us salads for dinner.  We also ordered a thin crust pizza from Dominoes that Ken picked up.  We spent the evening watching The Preakness and then the Nashville Hockey game.  Ken went through the photos he had taken and I did this blog and downloaded photos. 

As of 9 PM, we don't know the results of Dane's race or the outcome of Bob's Kubb Tournament.  We should know by morning!!!! 

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