Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Relaxing for Me! Ken Trained For His 2nd Volunteer Job!

Ken and I watched the news and then we went for a long walk.  My back is been doing well, and I was ready to go for a longer distance.  It was another cloudy morning with temperatures in the mid to upper 50's.  We really enjoyed the walk, but we were rather stiff from all that physical labor yesterday!

After breakfast, Ken worked at his desk and I did a load of wash.  He left at 10 to meet my special friend, Polly, who is a major volunteer for Lititz Meals on Wheels.  She takes new volunteers on a route with her to understand what you need to do when delivering the meals and to explain how to follow the directions that you are given to find the homes of the people who receive the meals.  Ken says she does such a good job!  He was back home around 12:15.  He will be a substitute driver and we will probably do it together.

After lunch, Cindy called and we had a long conversation.  They were camping this past weekend with about 7 or 8 other couples, but the campground was only "fair", the weather gloomy, cool, and damp, and she had to leave for her garage sale on Saturday.  Also, on the drive to the campground, a young gal pulled out of an entrance ramp, not seeing Harvey the RV, and her mirror scrapped the body of Harvey from about the middle all the way to the back.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but what a pain!  She knew it was totally her fault and her insurance will pay the damage, but it still remains John and Cindy's problem to get it fixed.  Not exactly a great time!!!

Later I made a few shell pendants and then I decided I should start cleaning the apartment.  Ken had a nice chat with Rick and Joyce.  He had offered to go back and help finished the deck, but they had completed it around noon.  We are going to get together with them on Friday evening for dinner and to play cards.  

After doing most of the dusting, I talked with my friend Jackie and we hope to get together sometime this weekend.  No sure it will happen, but we will try. We had leftover Mexican for dinner and then went for our 2nd walk of the day.  It was a wonderful evening for a nice walk.  I decided to watch the new version of Dirty Dancing but by 9:30 Ken went to bed.

Oh, I did get my activity tracker today and I think it would be great, but it was too big for my wrist and looked rather clumsy.  But, it looked like a good size for Ken, so he programmed it and will give it a try.  Hopefully I will find one in a store that I can try on and make sure it is the right size for me!

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