Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Hard Working Day for These Old Folks!

Ken and I were both up in time to watch the morning news.  By 7:45 we left the apartment for a longer morning walk since my back has been behaving very well when I wear my activity suit.  It was cloudy but about 55 degrees.

We made a cooked breakfast and after cleaning up we left by 10 to go to Marvin's, a widowed member of our Life Group, trailer to help built him a new wooden deck.  Rick and Joyce, members of our Life Group, had offered to tear down the old one and make an enlarged new one for Marvin and we offered to help.  Rick and Joyce had been there 2x's before to measure for getting the needed supplies and to remove the bad parts of the deck, leaving only the main supports.

Ken and I had a great time helping, but it is probably the most physical labor we have done in a long, long time!  The 1st major job was making the risers for the steps, but they did a great job.  Joyce and I did most of the measuring and cutting of the needed boards for the deck floor and the new steps.  Eddie joined us in the early afternoon and he did a fantastic job cutting out the wood for around the posts and helping Rick and Ken to screw down all the boards, rather back breaking and knee hurting work.  

Rick and Joyce, the crew leaders.
They had all the tools and knowledge!

What a crew!  Eddie (in the blue shirt) had a lot of building
skills too!

The braces for the steps were done and the work on the floor
of the deck began!

Note that the steps and the decking are completed.  We got
so much done today!
I had to leave for about 45 minutes to pick-up Bria at the bus stop and I did run an errand when we 1st arrived, but otherwise, we were there all day.  Rick, Joyce and Eddie planned to return tomorrow morning to finish the railing and possibly add an additional post to support the railing that runs the length of the deck.  We helped load up all the tools and we left around 8.

We were starved, so I suggested we stop at Mo's for some Mexican take-out and Ken agreed.  Wow, the amount of food they give you in their bowls is amazing. We will have enough for at least 2 meals.

I watched The Voice finale, but Ken went to bed around 10.  I was thrilled that Chris Blue was the winner.  He has so much talent and such stage presence.  We were both very tired.  

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