Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Relaxing Day with Time for Crafts!

Ken and I were up by 7 and watched the World News.  We wanted to see what was happening in Washington DC today - same old, same old.  We had a light breakfast while reading the newspaper.

Ken went to his office to do some reading and work on the computer.  I  talked to my mom and checked out Facebook and Pinterest.  Sometimes I spent too much time on those sites and enjoying the game, Popwords.  It was rainy and in the low 50's, but as soon as it stopped raining, we changed and headed outside for our walk.  To our surprise, it was "spritzing" (a light mist!).  We took the longest walk I have done for quite awhile and it went very well.  

It was lunchtime when we returned.  Ken showered and I started working on some sea glass pictures.  Then he took a nap while I showered.  He left at 2:20 for his Step Study Class and I continued making pictures.  I realized I have completed about 46 pictures -wow!

Ken was back home by 5 and by 5:15 we left to meet our couple card club for dinner and then an evening of card playing!  We had a delicious dinner at Scooters and then went to Kreider's house to play cards.  The 8 of us hadn't been together for quite a while, so we had a fun, good snacks, and delicious dessert.  We got home around 11:45 and we were past our "prime"!

Today, Sunday, Ken and I were at church by 8:45 and had some time to talk with members of our Life Group before heading into church to sit with Jamie and Dane.  It was another great service.  Jamie had invited us to their house for a Mother's Day brunch so we were there from 10:45 to noon.  She had made ham and cheese quiches and an arugula salad with pecans, cheese, and strawberries - Yum.  She also made those delicious Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from the round tubes in the dairy case as a memory of the many Sunday mornings that they were part of our breakfast when she was growing up.  We were so grateful for the invitation and the wonderful breakfast!  We would have loved to spend more time there, but I had to be at Masonic Village by 1 to meet my sister and mother.

I arrived there right at 1 and the 3 of us along with Cindy's 2 six year old grandsons drove to Hershey Gardens to tour the gardens as well as go through the butterfly atrium.  Cindy's daughter, Heather, and daughter-in-law, Arlena, met us there.  They had free admission today for all mothers so it was very crowded.  The butterfly atrium was wonderful and since our mother is such a butterfly lover she was in all her glory!!!! 

Here are some photos I took on my phone of the gorgeous butterflies -

This was my favorite....

.....but this was a close 2nd!

The gardens were a bit disappointing because the tulips, azaleas, and hyacinths were just about done blooming and not very pretty.  In several weeks all the rose bushes should be gorgeous.  Cindy's children and grandchildren left and Cindy and I took mom to Friendly's for ice cream, getting back to Masonic Village around 4:45 in time for mom's dinner.

Ken had spent the afternoon taking a long walk, napping (he went to bed at 12:15 and was up at 5:30 AM, so a nap was needed), and worked at his desk. After dinner, we watched 60 minutes and I worked on this blog after downloading pictures.

Lanie had called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day when we were leaving church.  They had arrived home around 9 PM last evening after a 1 week family visit to Disney in Orlando.  They had a great time, but are all exhausted!

We packed our lunches for a trip tomorrow to Elk Neck State Park in Maryland.  We are just going for the day for a sea glass "hunt".  Hope we are successful!

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