Friday, May 12, 2017

Mostly Cloudy, Cool Day!

I was up by 5:50 and met the Curvettes at a local restaurant at 6:45 for breakfast.  There were only 5 of us and we had a good time.  I was back home by 8:30 and continued with the cleaning of the apartment. 

Ken vacuumed for me (not great for my back!) and I washed the floors. Exciting, huh???  I headed to Michaels and AC Moore, craft stores, to get a few supplies for my sea glass pictures.  Ken and I ate lunch when I returned, but unfortunately it was too cold and very cloudy, so we had to eat inside!

We decided to take a walk to downtown even though it was still cloudy and only in the mid 50's.  Normal temperatures for this time of year should be in the low 70's - I hope that soon happens.  I am ready for capris and sandals!

We really enjoy downtown Lititz and all the people that are usually walking around and the many interesting shoppes and their storefront windows.  We did stop at Wilbur Chocolate to get a few Wilbur Buds and surprise, they were 20% off!  The walk went well and I must say that it has been about 1 week since I had shin pain - I am so thankful. 

This guy is downtown everyday!

I like the banners that are hung
when the shoppes are open!

This shop sells lots of large metal sculptures!

......and chimaneas (not sure of the spelling)

This is the Bullhead Pub - the best in PA!

The new location for the Wilbur Chocolate Store!

Lots of delicious chocolates

She was busy making chocolate covered oreos with caramel!

I thought these pansies were a gorgeous color!

When we returned to the apartment, we spent time reviewing the 1st four chapters of the book, Boundaries, that our Life Group will start studying tonight. I will be leading the discussion, so I needed input from Ken on some of the questions.

Ken grilled for dinner and I sauteed lots of veggies.  After dinner and clean-up we left at 6:00 to go to our Life Group gathering.  Unfortunately there were only 6 of us available this evening, but we did have some great discussion.  We were home by 10:15 and went to bed.  

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