Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday and Monday!

When I woke on Sunday morning I was still having a tough time walking.  My shin was aching and I really had to limp when walking.  Again, if I sat down, the pain was so much better.  I did get ready to go to church.

Walking into church was an issue, but I made it!  It was a great service so very happy I was able to go.  But, we did not go to breakfast with our Small Group.  I was ready to go home.

I decided I should go for a walk regardless of the pain, so we put on my SAS and off we went.  Well, I definitely looked like I was 105 years old at the beginning of the walk.  I just couldn't straighten.  Upon returning (hallelujah) it appeared to be better.  Ken took a short nap because his allergy issue/sinusitis was still causing him to feel a bit "sluggish"!  I think we should have stock in "Kleenex"!  I took a nap too and it felt great!

Ken grilled and made us salads while I finished studying for teaching/leading the final section of The Purpose Driven Life Book.  We left at 6 to meet with our Small Group.  There were 11 of us and we had a great night of fellowship, prayer concerns, and finishing our study of The Purpose Driven Life.  We had met 4 times while all of us were in Florida to study the 1st four sections of the book.  This really is a special support group!

Today, Monday, was a mostly cloudy day with temperatures in the 80's.  My shin was still very tender and Ken and I decided we should make an appointment with Dr. Clay, the scoliosis Dr., to get some answers about my somewhat new pain issues.  Fortunately they agreed to see us at 10.  We met with Dr. Clay and he really feels there is no connection with the pain in my shin and the activity suit.  After checking out my shin, he is positive I have shin splints.  So he did a treatment on the shin to increase blood flow and recommended I do a regiment of Advil, ice, and stay off of it for the next 3 or 4 days - no pickleball or extra walking!  That's disappointing, but I certainly hope it relieves the pain!

Ken drove me to the Sutter Inn in downtown Lititz where I met my ladies card  for lunch.  There were 8 of us and we had a very good time.  I was so happy   to be with all of them since I miss so many monthly card clubs when we are traveling 

My  good friend, Jackie, brought me home and we visited in our apartment for over an hour.  I was so happy to spend time with her.  Ken got home from having lunch with Sam, the husband of Kathy who was at the ladies card club lunch. Sam had knee replacement surgery while we were in Florida and Ken wanted to have a chance to visit with him.  Jackie left around 3:00

We had a 1 hour telephone conversation with a marketer from Thousand Trails regarding some new items in their memberships.  We listened but it is nothing we would purchase at this time.  They did give us a 3rd zone pass for listening to their "pitch"!  Now we can camp in the northeast for less money if we ever get to that part of the country!

After dinner, Ken left for Celebrate Recovery and I worked on this blog and then wasted time playing Pop Words on the I-Pad while watching The Voice.  I really enjoy the show!

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