Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Ken was up early but I woke just in time to watch the 7 AM news.  More things keep happening in Washington!  Ken cut-up fruit and I cooked Ken's breakfast so he could leave around 8 for his job at MCC.

I did some clean-up around the apartment and then showered, etc.  Then I read a very good chapter in the book our Life Group is studying, Boundaries. Chapter 5 had so much food for thought!

The beginning of May I had told Lanie and Jamie that I had a request for Mother's Day.  I would like them to come to Lititz some day that it suits both of them to go through the local shoppes and have lunch together.  They were happy to fulfill my request and today was the day.  They arrived at 10 and after some time chatting, we walked to downtown Lititz.  We began by checking out several of the shoppes before going to Wilbur Chocolate Factory for a few samples and then we bought 2 specialty pieces for our dessert.

We walked to Tomato Pie for lunch and were able to sit outside on their patio.  It was a positively gorgeous day that actually got hot - upper 80's.  After lunch we did some more sidewalk shopping and going into a few of the unique shoppes. We also stopped at one of the winery where the girls sampled several of the wines.  They had mostly dry ones, so I only had one taste!

We were back to the apartment by 1:15 and Ken got home at 1:30, so he had the opportunity to chat with the girls too.  It was such a delightful, special day. They had to leave around 2 to be home in time to meet the girls at their bus stops.

Ken spent his day at MCC bundling clothes that are donated to the agency from Thrift Shoppes that only keep the items for so long before they remove them from their store.  It is amazing how much clothes they receive.  

Ken's friend, Landis, that is 85 years old and works at MCC
4 mornings per week!  This is the baling machine!

One bale of clothing, weighs about 1,000 pounds!

Lots and lots of baled clothes that
are sold to a "clothing broker".

These are cans that will be filled with meats that are
processed in a cannery that is taken around the eastern coast
of the USA and Canada!  MCC processes all the meat that is
canned in a tractor trailer!

Boxes of canned meat!

These cans of meat are sent around the world as needed!

I went to several local greenhouses to get some flowers to plant around the lamppost in front of our building.  I also purchased 3 small planters that fit over the railing on our deck so we can see and enjoy flowers while sitting in our LR. When I returned Ken was just finishing making salads for dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen.  

We went on the deck and potted the flowers I had bought.  Our deck is small so having them attached to the railing is just perfect.  Then I went outside and planted the remaining purple and pink petunias around the lamppost.  We needed some color out front.

We watched the news while eating the chicken and salads Ken had made for dinner.  Then I put on my SAS and we went for about a 40 minute walk.  It was a beautiful evening with a slight breeze, perfect for a stroll.

After showers, I worked on this blog and by 9:30 we were in bed.  It was such a great day!  I only regret that I didn't take any pictures of my time with the girls to post on this blog!

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