Monday, May 22, 2017

A Rather Relaxing Day!

Ken was up by 6:30 but I only got out of bed at 7:20 - missed the news!  It was a dreary cool day, only in the low 50's, but a great morning for a nice walk.  Ken continued walking when I returned and I had a nice chat with Jamie regarding activity trackers.  Ken and I had talked about getting a Fitbit, but decided we didn't want to spend that much money for 1, even though they were on sale at Costco.

When Ken returned he made us a delicious omelette breakfast and a bowls of great tasting fresh fruit.  I went back to doing a lot of research on the internet looking for reviews on lower priced activity trackers and finally ordered 1 through Amazon.  It will arrive on Wednesday and I am excited.  I really want something that tracks my steps accurately!

Ken spent a lot of time reading and doing devotions.  I had a nice phone conversation with Noela.  They have been experiencing the same type of dreary weather during the month of May!  Right now they are visiting her daughter and family but just for the day!  

After lunch, Ken and I drove to Costco to check out the "trunk type shed" we would like to purchase and place in the backyard of our apartment so we would have our bikes handy when we want to go for a ride.  Our landlords are considering buying 2 of these sheds and then placing them on the property, so they would have control if other tenants would ask for extra storage.  That would work for us!

Ken took a nap when we returned and I went on line again to try to find an appropriate bathing suit for me - no luck!  Then I decided to make some shell pendants.  

Ken had a long talk with a customer representative at Verizon to try to understand an e-mail we received from the company regarding our unlimited date program.  After much frustration and getting no where, he asked to talked to a manager.  Ken finally got some satisfaction when she admitted that we had not gotten all the information on how it works when we changed to the unlimited program.  We will stay with it, but not totally happy with how the program works.

I made us salads for dinner and by 6:30 we left for Bria's 4th grade musical concert at the High School.  Lanie and the girls came too.  What a fantastic program with upbeat songs and lots of motions.  Ken and I could not believe how grown-up and self confident Bria looked on stage.  How did that happen?  She also had a speaking part which she did so well.  Maybe we are a little biased!  It only lasted about 35 minutes, but her music teacher did such a good job with the 75 students.

So many motions to all of the songs!

Bria was having a great time (she is in the grey shirt)!

Now it was time for her speaking  part!  The students were getting
ready to sing their last song!

We were home by 8:15 and I watched the finale of The Voice.  There are so many talented vocalists but I hope Chris Blue is the winner!  Off to bed at 10:15.

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