Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fun with my Parents and then with our Life Group at Day of Prayer!

Ken left by 8 to stop and Jamie's and drop off our recyclables before meeting Gary for breakfast.  He had a chance to chat with Jamie, Dane, Bria and Cali.  I thought it was so thoughtful and cute that the girls wanted to know if Grandma was feeling better and if her back stopped hurting.  How sweet!

While Ken was gone, I made myself a good breakfast, iced my shin and back (again), and then did some clean-up around the apartment.  After a light lunch, Ken and I went to WJTL, a local Christian radio station, to pick up some concert tickets for our Life Group.  All of us plan to attend the concert next Thursday.  

From there, we drove to Masonic Village to spend the afternoon playing Pinochle with the parents.  What a fun afternoon and again, they were so appreciative. We left there at 3:45 and got back to the apartment 10 minutes before Rick and Joyce (from our Life Group) arrived.  We drove towards downtown Lititz and parked near the center of town.  We then walked to the Lititz Springs Park where the county wide Day of Prayer was taking place starting at 5:45.  We put blankets on 2 benches and then walked back to the downtown area to Roma Pizza where we met Eddie and Lori, also part of our Life Group, to enjoy "dinner" together.  Then the 6 of us headed to the Park for the very moving and wonderful evening of Christian music, prayer, and a message by renown speaker, Josh McDowell.  The 100 voice choir was phenomenal and Josh's message was so powerful and presented so well.  He had quite a story to tell.

The choir was so upbeat and vibrant!

Such an easy going speaker with an amazing message to

We left the park around 8:15 and walked back to our cars.  We would have walked from our apartment, but I am still trying to limit my walking for a few more days.  Rick and Joyce stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and we enjoyed some hot tea (it was damp, breezy and cool at the park), cupcakes, and played a fun game of team Skip-Bo.  The women won "big time"!  It was such a special evening with very special friends.

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