Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some Pickleball and Lunch and Study Time with Our Life Group!

Tuesday was another cloudy, cool day - Really????  Ken and I went for a nice walk, but we got wet!  Not a heavy rain, but a "spritzer"!  We made breakfast and then left at 10:15 for the Hempfield Rec Center.  I really wanted to try pickleball again and see how my back "handled it"!  Ken went too and we had such a good time and my back behaved!  John, my brother-in-law, played too and Cindy stopped by to watch.  We left around 2:00 and stopped at Root's Country Market to get some fruits and veggies.

Ken left to take the CRV to Hurst Tire since we appeared to have a slow leak. They found a staple in the tire and repaired it while Ken waited.  I stayed home and spent time studying the lesson I would be teaching at Life Group tomorrow. I also had a nice chat with Melissa.  They currently have their motorhome in storage and are renting a cottage in The Villages in Florida for about 3 months. They are having a good time there.

Ken and I discussed our camping plans for this fall and especially from Thanksgiving until Christmas.  We think we will stay home until Thanksgiving and then spend about 3 or 4 weeks in Florida being home in time for Christmas. We will take about a 10 day camping trip in both September and October but not far from home.  Of course you know about "the best laid plans"!  We shall see!

After dinner, Jamie, from the downstairs apartment in our building, came to buy some gifts for her friends.  I appreciated her purchases and really enjoyed that she stayed for several hours so we could visit.  She is a definite asset to our building.

Wednesday was finally a gorgeous warm sunny day!  After breakfast, I took Ken to his volunteer job at MCC.  I came back home, ate breakfast, cleaned up, and made a call to Harbor Lakes, the campground where we stay in Florida from January to March.  I also did some "craft work"!  Back to pick up Ken at noon and then we took Jane Good with us to the Viva Castle Pub in the Exeter area to have lunch with our Life Group.  What a great place to eat outdoors and the food was exceptional.

The 8 of us left there and went to Rick and Joyce's to have our study time.  It went well and we had some great discussion.  We left there at 5:30 and Ken and I took a long walk when we got home.  We spent some time trying to get our printer working - so frustrating, but we accomplished the task!!!

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